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by Shannon RoseAugust 19, 2011

Moving into a new place is an exciting time, especially if you’re a DIY and home décor fanatic like me, but with virtually every day providing a new expense, this rite of passage can quickly become a huge stress on you and your bank account. Of course, every home requires big purchases such as couches, kitchen tables, and electronics, but décor is the unexpected expense that turns a house into your home.

Rather than spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on countless pieces of wall art, end tables, and accents, get inspired and create your own DIY home décor. Every living room, dining room, and bedroom has a wall screaming to be a focal point. A photo collage is an eclectic way to display your personal style and it will certainly serve as a conversation starter.

First, you must choose a theme for your collage. A personal photo collage is great for a family home, but a color based collage is appropriate in any room. To begin your color collage, incorporate photos with an accent color in your room. Once you have chosen a color, begin scouring the internet for images that fit your particular taste, and of course, display your selected color. A collage can include however few or many photos you desire, but I prefer to stick with around six or seven photos. Print your pictures ranging in size from 4”x6” to 8”x10”. Be sure to select an appropriate size so the resolution of your photo is not affected.
After you have found all of your photos, search local thrift stores for vintage, or unique, picture frames to display your images. You may chose to leave your frames their original color or you can opt to paint your frames to match each other and the rest of your décor. Once you have found the perfect frames and adorned them with your photos, lay them out in a pattern that you like. Now all that is left to do is hang the frames and admire your work.

Perhaps you’re looking to decorate your walls with a more feminine and shabby chic design, a framed monogram accent may be just for you. For this project, you’ll need to revisit one of my favorite places: the thrift store. Be on the lookout for a large, elaborate mirror, and don’t settle until you find the right piece with the right price. Once again, don’t be too concerned about color; spray paint can surely fix any flawed piece. And on that note, don’t stress over broken or damaged glass, because the mirror will be discarded for this project.

Once you have found the perfect mirror, and discarded its glass, chose a neutral color, and paint the frame. Next make a trip to your local craft store and find a letter that’s font fits your style. Wooden letters typically cost around $3 and are easy to paint, and repaint. Feel free to paint your letter according to the season or to simply match your décor. Once all the paint has dried, securely hang your frame, and then hang the monogram in the center.

When decorating your new home, don’t waste money on over priced décor, do it yourself, and style your place with one of a kind pieces you can be proud of.

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