Using Vinyl Decals to Add Character to your Walls

by Homes.comFebruary 16, 2012

Decorative vinyl decals are a terrific way to add character to empty walls on a budget. More and more home owners, and especially renters are finding that these trend-setting wall decals are a fabulous way to add personality, color and visual interest into their home with very little work. Using these large, non-damaging artistic stickers, you can accent plain or boring spaces very quickly!

One of the biggest trends this year in decorative vinyl is finding ways to incorporate decals into your homes decor in unexpected places and ways. From the bedroom to the laundry room and kitchen, innovative vinyl decals are popping up all over the place! From headboards to faux chandeliers and kitchen shelving with the works, unique vinyl designs are a great, affordable way to dress up your space or create the illusion/silhouette of something that isn’t really there in it’s traditional sense.


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If you’re more of a minimalist and you need a good way to accent a room in your home or rented space where you can’t, or don’t want to paint the walls, then try these modern, clean vinyl stripes that come in lots of different colors. Depending on the contrast of color and which direction you choose to put the decals in, adding these bold stripes can really change the overall look in a white-walled room!


If you’re a bit more traditional and want a softer, less contrasted look, then try purchasing individual vinyl medallions and place them equally apart on an accent wall, to give the appearance of wallpaper or a painted stencil. They’ll add lots of character and compliment the rest of your decor nicely.

Here are some quick basic steps for applying vinyl


  1. Choose the desired location for your wall decal and then use a small piece or two of masking tape at the top (halfway on the wall and halfway on the decal) to hold your decal into place firmly, so to avoid any shifting.
  2. Peel back both the sticky transfer tape and vinyl design from the paper backing. (your masking tape is now acting as a hinge, to hold your decal in place) Throw away the paper backing.
  3. Slowly lay your decal back on the wall and smooth over the transfer paper surface with a vinyl applicator squeegee, credit card, or any other flat plastic utensil, making sure to work your way from the middle of the decal out to the ends, to avoid any air bubbles.
  4. Using a 45 degree angle, peel up the transfer tape from the vinyl decal to reveal the finished product, that will now be adhered to your wall.
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    Hi Jocelyn! Underneath the photos there are links to the sites where you can buy those decals. Hope this helps! Glad you found the article!

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