Embark on Your Own Journey of Royalty

by Cierra SealMay 31, 2012

Every person deserves to feel like a queen or king at some point in their life, or should I say royalty? With Queen Elizabeth 11 celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this upcoming weekend starting on June 2nd and ending on Tuesday June 5th, it’s the perfect time to embark in purchasing a home that would be fit for The Queen herself to live in. After all, no one would really judge you for pretending to be royalty with an amazing home like this.

Located in Palm Beach, Florida this home is completely breathtaking. Located at 1220 South Ocean Blvd this home is directly on the waterfront. It not only has this prime location but it has an iron clad gate that very much resembles the iron gate at Buckingham Palace.
Iron Clad gate_royalty
How much better could it get? Maybe you can even get your very own palace guard in order to play the part of royalty more. What color would you have them dress in?

Upon getting past the palace guard and entering the grounds of the home, sculptured gardens as well as a fountain are going to be in your sight.
front view_royalty
Feeling like having a crumpet and tea? It would be perfect to go out and enjoy these finer things in your garden while gazing at your beautiful fountain. Perhaps you’ll be able to be humored by people doing funny things in order to make your palace guard not break his stern stance and stare.
This isn’t all this home has to offer. With a total square footage of 27,355 square feet this home contains 9 full bedrooms as well as 17 bathrooms, a guest house, garage, pool, and stunning loggias. You essentially never have to leave the house because you’ll have everything you need in your own home. What would you do with your 9 rooms? Perhaps a throne room so you can sit in your royal clothing and not be judged? That’s what I was going for as well.
Loggias offer that sense of classiness which royalty is all about. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this beauty every single day?
marble hallway_royalty
Marble offers the sense of luxury and richness. Looks like a perfect room to have a formal dance in as royalty would in their formal ballroom.

However you choose to decorate your rooms in this home, just make sure it gives the essence of royalty because if you became the owner of this home you will be looked at as royalty regardless if you actually are or not. If $74,000,000 is out of your price range, (why would that be out of anyone’s price range!?), just make sure to tune in this weekend so you can still celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with the royal family and common people. Don’t worry, I’ll be tuning in with you guys!

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