Fun Ways to Add Bold Pops of Color in Your Kitchen

by Shelley SmithMay 24, 2012

This past month we’ve chatted all about kitchens. From organizing them for the coming summer months when kids are home, to tips for updating your cabinetry with paint and even adding up some trendy open kitchen shelving.  All great ways to make your kitchen more functional and beautiful.

Since this is my last kitchen post for the month, I thought it would be really fun to share some simple, quick, fun ways to brighten up your kitchen (literally) and add even MORE personality to your space!

With my decorating style I tend to keep my permanent fixtures more neutral, (cabinets, floors, walls, etc…) but love to add in pops of color here and there, to give my home it’s own special flare. One of the easiest ways to “spice up” a kitchen, with very little effort, is to transform your everyday counter top appliances and other items, into notable pieces of decor that not only serve as your go-to kitchen gear but also make a big statement.

Colorful Utensils and Dishtowels

Almost everyone has cooking utensils and dishtowels out in their kitchen at all times for visitors and guests to see. Finding fun colorful alternatives to the normal, boring, standard wooden spoon or beige drying cloth can help take your kitchen from drab to fab, for only a few dollars!
colorful utensils

colorful dishtowels1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Kitchen Art Prints is filled with pretty, fun, and also cleverly-hilarious kitchen prints. Most of them only run about $5-$15 each, and can be mounted in a frame of your choice, to match your kitchen’s overall style. Also, most of these prints are totally customizable, so getting the perfect pop of color that you want in your kitchen through a piece of art, has never been easier. Whether you hang one or do an entire wall collage of them, colorful framed prints in the kitchen can definitely help to liven things up.

colorful fun kitchen prints1 / 2 / 3456

Small Colorful Counter Top Appliances

If you’re in the market for new counter top appliances, or are willing to make a little bit more of a long term commitment with bold color, look into a few of these colorful beauties. From coffee makers to toasters and even hand mixers, a lot of the larger brand name small appliance companies are jumping on the color-fun bandwagon!

Painted Pantry Doors and Happy Back Splashes

If you’re ready to make a bigger color statement in your kitchen, a painted pantry door or colorful back splash, may be the ticket. Even though these can be considered more of a permanent-type fixture, they are a lot less expensive to change or replace in the future, than cabinetry or flooring. I recommend these choices to homeowners who are very confident in their homes overall color scheme and who also enjoy a more dramatic splash of color in their space.

colorful pantry doors1234

colorful kitchen back splash
The upcoming warm, happy summer months are the perfect time to switch out those old, outdated, or worn out kitchen items with fun, cheerful, colorful ones! It’s also a great time to FIND colored decor, because it will be popping up all over in your favorite stores.

If you think that adding a new, bold pop of color in your space is a little scary, then just start with a colorful new set of salt and pepper shakers or a table cloth with a trendy pattern. Taking the risk to try something new in your home is always worth it, because you either end up loving it or hating it… but either way, you’re finding out more about what YOU like in your space, and therefor, maybe without even knowing it, are tackling the even bigger task of learning and discovering how you define your homes personal style.

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