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by Shelley SmithJuly 19, 2012

This week I wanted to take all of you on a quick tour of one of the smallest spaces in our home. The laundry room. We may not have the fanciest, newest appliances or space for high end cabinets and folding tables, but regardless, we spend a LOT of time in this little area between the family room and garage, so we wanted to make it as happy, bright and clutter-free as possible.
Laundry Room Makeover -
Of course in true “House of Smiths” fashion we started with paint. Using the color Cyprus Grass from Glidden. It’s a really fun yellow-green, and has a calming effect. The existing shelf in our space was the same color as the wall, so we just primed it, and then painted it it semi-gloss white.
Painted laundry room shelf -
Laundry room molding ideas -
To give visual interest to the space we used some simple, inexpensive molding to bulk up the shelf and the baseboard. For the shelf we just turned a piece of door casing on it’s side, nailed it up and then putty and caulked everything to give it the appearance of a chunkier version of itself. For the baseboard we adhered a piece of corner round about 3 inches up the wall with some small finishing nails and then painted the wall white in between it, to give the illusion of having thicker, more expensive baseboards.

laundry room shelf - thehouseofsmiths.comsource

Our chic little chandelier was a $3.00 thrift store find. It was a bit sad when we first found it, but with a quick wipe down, a few layers of flat white spray paint, a super easy DIY cord cover and decorative light canopy… this little guy went from drab to fab in no time flat.

Thrift store lighting fixture in laundry room - thehouseofsmiths.comsource

Like I mentioned before, this space is tiny, so we needed to make sure we were utilizing each and every area. But you know me; design can be functional AND beautiful right? So I created an ironing board hanger and “wanted” board that not only act as storage, but also decor! Over-sized glass containers house our soap, stain remover and clothes pins.

Cute Laundry Room Decor - thehouseofsmiths.com1 / 2 / 3

With a few other decorative items, to bring in a happy splash of color, and a comfy rug, this space has really turned into a great little spot for us to not only do laundry in, but commute back and forth from our garage to our main living area.
Small Laundry Room Makeover-

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Shelley Smith
  • July 25, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    I’m impress how you transform that chandelier just by painting it and adding some white cover into pure beauty. You guys are expert in this field!

  • Kerry
    October 12, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    I love this transformation. One big question though – where do you hang your clothes so they don’t wrinkle after they are done drying?

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