Creative Ideas for Storing School Supplies at Home

by Shelley SmithAugust 23, 2012

Now that most of us have conquered the back-to-school rush, we’ll need to stock up on all of the homework and project-doin’ essentials at home too! There’s nothing worse than having your kids sit down to do homework, and you can’t find a pencil or pen! So I found some simple, creative and inexpensive ways to keep your kids school supplies at HOME, more organized.

Kids office storage

Chalkboard Labels:

You can use a label maker, paper, or vinyl, but I love the “school-vibe” that chalkboard labels give off. Whether it’s on a jar, bucket or simple plastic cups, chalkboard labels are a great way to keep everything nice and tidy.

Office Storage - staying organized

If you want to try your hand at making your own chalkboard labels, you can paint it on or buy rolls of chalkboard vinyl to cut them out yourself. You can also purchase chalkboard labels made in various different shapes.

chalkboard options


Tin Storage:

Using something that you already have on hand, to organize, is a great solution for saving money. If you’ve got a drawer full of small little things that go sliding around every time you open and close it, then you might want to consider using a cupcake/muffin tin to separate all those tiny items.

Muffin tin organizing

Tattered Style

If you find that you have more than you thought, or need space for larger items such as scissors, paintbrushes and pencils, then store your items by groups into thick plastic cups with a magnetic bottom, and THEN set them in your over-sized muffin tin. Using the magnetic strips on the bottoms of the cups will help them stay in place and keep them from tipping over or sliding around in the muffin tin.

Art supplies organized

Family Fun



Using recycled soup and food tins cans can also be a great solution for storage. By simply screwing them to a board, up and out of the way, you can make room for more important items that need to go on your desks actual work space.


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Mason Jars:

Finding new ways to use mason jars has been a hot trend this year. From drinking cups to serving mini apple pies, we’ve seen them everywhere! But another great way to use them is for beautiful, cohesive, see-through storage! No need to spend time or money on trying to find expensive glass jars to house all of your little items; mason jars come in lots of different sizes for only a few dollars.

Office desktop organizing

36 Avenue

You can embellish them with your favorite paper, or even paint them to match your office’s decor.

Embellishing Mason Jars

Stamptington and Company

If you discover that you have more than a few mason jars worth of supplies, then try stacking them on a food/cake stand like below, to help save space on your work table.

art supplies storage

Raising Up Rubies

Creative Hanging Storage:

I have to say that this last idea is genius and also the ultimate space saver! Using a shoe or clothing, over the door storage hanging bag, you can place all your school supplies in individual pockets, categorize and label them! Not only is this a great solution for someone who has little or no space on their desk, but it’s also the perfect way to see everything clearly, so you don’t have to waste your time searching for what you need.

Over the door school supplies organizer

A Bowl Full of Lemons

However you choose to sort and stock your homes school supplies this year, try making it not only functional, but beautiful and decorative! Who says that categorizing, organizing and tidiness can’t be pretty as well!?



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