Scary and Creepy Halloween Front Porch Ideas

by Shelley SmithSeptember 19, 2012

Last year was our first year decorating our front porch for Halloween. We had a lot of fun trying to work in all the “classy” elements of a Halloween themed porch to our home, without going overly creepy or scary. I think that most of us “decorators” tend to go this way. We want the first impression of our homes, no matter what season, to be welcoming.

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Here are some other examples of themed, yet welcoming Halloween porch ideas:

But what about those die-hard Halloween fans? The ones who tend to enjoy the scary, spooky and creepy side of Halloween? Well… this post has got some ideas for you on how to create a frightening front porch that will even have your closest friends questioning whether or not it’s safe to trick-or-treat at your house this year!


Since the definition of scary is to cause fear, or be frightened, I have to say that my thoughts definitely go towards gory types of things. The actual ‘blood and guts’ of Halloween, and decorating to create a feeling towards others that they will be in harms way if they ‘dare to enter’. While this is the intention, I don’t think that it has to be SO literal, to the point where you’re grossing your trick-or-treaters out; you can still add scare and creepiness to your porch or yard, with just a few simple tricks.

The Color Red:

Adding the color red automatically sends up a signal flag for most of us. It means emergency or stop, so draping the color around your door, or adding even just a few drips of fake blood here or there will have people alluding to the fact that there is danger nearby.

Staging Props:

Picking the perfect decrepit gravestone, adding red drippy writing on a door or leaning unusual old tools or weapons casually by your entryway, makes people very timid about approaching your front steps.

Elements-for-a-scary-entryway1. 2. 3

Even just a disturbing pumpkin carving can throw people off of their game. If you’re trying to think of an inexpensive, creative way to scare, then this might be the perfect route to go.

Scary-Pumpkins1. 2. 3

Creating a Story:

Let peoples imaginations run wild, by not only adding the color red and using props, but also by creating a story with them. Setting the scene for your guests makes scary Halloween decorations all that more fearful. Haunted nurseries, a spooky graveyard or zombies gone wild, would be great ideas for a scary scene setup.


If you’re not as comfortable going super scary, then maybe creepy is more your style. Finding ways to decorate that make minds wander in an uneasy direction tends to have more people running for the hills than you’d think. Below are a few ideas on how to accomplish a spine-chilling, creepy porch.

Frightening Figures:

Usually the unknown is what scares people the most. Mummies and ghosts are a great way to creep your guests out, as they approach your door. You can purchase already made figures or handcraft some of your own with paper mache and chicken wire.

spooky-halloween-figures1 & 2

Creepy Creatures:

Bats, mice, spiders and crows are all very unnerving types of creatures. They take off without any warning and move quickly; spooking even the bravest of people.


Setting the Mood:

Fans, sound effects and lighting all help to set an eerie mood for the ultimate hair-raising experience. A chilly breeze, dimly lit spaces and ‘bumps in the night’ will unsettle people for sure.


Whether it’s traditional, scary or creepy, the best part of Halloween decorating is that there are a lot of ideas and decorations to work with, so you can customize your front porch each year with different looks and feelings that will have you quickly becoming the talk of the neighborhood.

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