16 DIY Valentine’s Day Home Decor Projects

by Beth HunterFebruary 6, 2013

Valentine’s Day might be right around the corner, but you still have time to spruce up your interior in the spirit of love. To inspire your decorating, I have collected 16 DIY Valentine’s Day home decor projects from top bloggers around the web. Some of the projects are more time consuming than others, but all of these projects are labeled easy! So snuggle up with a hot beverage and heart-shaped scone as we review some doable DIY Valentine’s Day decor.

16 Valentine's Day DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY Valentine Wall Decor

First up is a project I just created for my own home! To make this initials-carved wooden heart, I used a jigsaw to cut a heart shape from a piece of plywood and then used a Dremel to carve our initials into the wood. I gave the heart a coat of stain and hung it above my mantel. This project would make an adorable wedding gift and can be used year round. I plan to hang the heart in my bedroom after Valentine’s Day.

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Another cute idea is to make a wood pallet-inspired LOVE sign using furring strips, paint, and ruffled trim. I like the juxtaposition of the rustic wood with the frilly trim. It is farmhouse glam at it’s best! This sign will also work throughout the year in your home.

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Yarn-wrapped cardboard craft letters make an adorable DIY Valentine’s Day sign. Other words you might choose besides love could include kiss, smooch, cupid, hugs, or cutie. Just a warning: this project is incredibly affordable to create and very easy to achieve but time consuming. If you have yet to create a yarn-wrapped craft, you can’t fully appreciate the dedication that goes into creating one! I recommend working on this project in front of your favorite movie(s) or television show(s).

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DIY Valentine Framed Decor

If you are short on time and just want to add a small touch of Valentine’s to your home, these next few projects are for you! Take a frame, some heart stickers, and a computer printout of your favorite quote and create a framed valentine that everyone will appreciate.

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Here is another simple idea for you. Take a wooden or cardboard heart, cover it in glue, and coat in glitter or beads. Attach the heart to the outside of a glass frame using some double-sided tape and voila! You have just created a simple yet attractive piece of Valentine’s art for your mantel.


This idea is a cute one for the kids! Take an Ikea frame and embellish it for Valentine’s Day. Add a personal message on the frame using vinyl or a white dry erase marker (it is erasable on glass).

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The beauty of creating your own Valentine’s Day decor is that you can control the colors and textures you use. If pink and red is not for you, try using tones that blend in with your existing decor. I love this simple heart button-art created by gluing buttons in neutral shades onto a canvas.

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This final DIY Valentine art project is a bit more involved but so personal and adorable! Take the fingerprints of you and your loved one(s) and scan them into your computer. Blow the images up using photo imaging software and then have your artwork printed at your neighborhood print shop or on your home computer. What a creative gift this would make!

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DIY Valentine’s Wreaths

One of the simplest ways to celebrate the season is with a seasonal wreath. Below are five different DIY Valentine’s Day wreaths that you can create with yarn, fabric, felt, ribbon, and paper curls. You might notice that number 2 isn’t a wreath! I love the idea of embellishing existing decor in your home to fit the season. Ribbons and hearts transform the antlers into a festive Valentine’s display.

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DIY Valentine’s Fabric Crafts

If you are handy with a sewing machine or like to work with fabric, I have three fun DIY Valentine’s Day projects for you! First up is a Valentine’s pennant banner. Pennant banners are an easy, cute way to add some seasonal bling to your home without breaking the bank or the clock! Simply take a long piece of twine or ribbon and hot-glue (or sew) scraps of fabric and ribbon in coordinating shades to the twine. Hang the banner from your mantel or above your dining hutch to create a sweet focal point.

If you are talented with a sewing machine, why not create some pillow covers using ruffled trim or felt hearts?

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Now that you are fully inspired, put down that hot beverage and scone and get to work! There are only a few more days to create your DIY Valentine’s Day project. Which one would you like to create?

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