Furniture That Does Double Duty

by Stacy RisenmayMay 6, 2013

This is a subject that I get really excited about. I live in a home that has less than 1600 square feet and there are six of us! So when I am building or buying a piece of furniture not only do I have to consider the scale, but more often than not it has to do double duty. So if you are one of the millions of people who do not feel like they have enough space, these furniture ideas are for you.


There are a ton of furniture makers out there that have jumped on the band wagon of making multi purpose furniture. I love this idea of a couch turning into bunk beds. It is so unique and modern. Whether you have a small apartment with small kids, or want to have a place for your grandkids when they sleep over, this would be a great option.


When I was decorating my office I knew I wanted to pack it full of storage options. My office functions as a mudroom and storage room as well. Going vertical is a good use of space but I took it to the next level by building the shelves to have hidden drawers. The drawers are only a few inches deep but are perfect for papers. You could hang these in almost any room. In the bathroom they could hold toiletries, in the bedroom they could hold jewelry or your latest novel you are reading, and in the family room they could have your collection of remote controls or magazines.


I LOVE this idea! Who doesn’t have tall cabinets in the kitchen that they can’t really reach? It could also be the desk chair in a child’s room and double as a ladder to reach high in their closet. I have seen several different variations on this idea and I think I need to run out and order one.


Benches, side tables, and ottomans are all furniture items that can double as storage easily. They are also fairly easy to build yourself if you need to customize the size or style. The possibilities of what they can store are endless!


It use to be, that in order to have storage under your bed you had to use those plastic risers on the feet of your bed to raise it up. Now there are so many cool options available. This is among my favorites partly because no one would ever guess you had tons of storage under there. Not only could you store extra bedding (which normally takes up too much space in your closet) but you could have out of season clothes, books, or your secret staff of chocolate.


Every once in a while you see something so mind blowing you can’t believe it. Folding tables are not new. And even fold down tables are pretty common. But a work of art or a mirror that easily comes off the wall to become a stylish table is incredibly innovative. I wish I would have had this when we lived in all of our tiny apartments over the years. No one would look at that table and think “I bet that is a folding table.” And if you need more room for any reason, simply hang it up on the wall!


If you have a cute furry friend you probably have a crate for them. I love this option of a side table that doubles as a stylish dog bed. Your pooch should have a plush place to lay their head too! This would be something you could easily DIY as well. You could turn a regular side table into this crate by cutting an opening. Or you could build it from scratch!


I love that this day bed could also be a sofa. And the fact that it has drawers is an added bonus! We have plans of making a library/guest room and I love the idea of using something like this. You could sit and read one day, have a guest the next day, and store the needed bedding in the drawers! We currently have a different version in our son’s room and we love not having to have a dresser. It saves so much space!

Whether you build it your self or buy them, there are so many options available these days when it comes to furniture. If space is an issue, then look for pieces that are multi-functional to free up some of that valuable square footage in your home. And just like these options shown here, functional can be stylish as well!

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