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December 17, 2013

DIY Rustic Wood Embellished Holiday Plaque

The holiday season is the perfect time to create in your home. Try this DIY project by Shelley from The House of Smiths to add a little holiday spirit to your home!

Since we’re going with a whimsical, white and gold theme for our holiday decor this year, I decided that adding a few more rustic, natural elements would help balance out all of the feminine touches and sparkle going on. I’ve always been in love with words, so a customized wooden holiday plaque with a popular phrase on it seemed like the perfect idea. With a 40% off coupon in tow, I snagged this rustic wooden board at my local home decor store. It came to about $5.00. Then I took some seashell white [...]

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November 18, 2013

DIY Gold Holiday Garland

This year for our holiday decor we’ve decided to glam things up a little with lots of gold, sparkly accents and whimsical touches here and there. Having a theme behind our holiday decor each year has been sort of a tradition, and sometimes we can’t find exactly what we need in stores, so we tend to make at least a few pieces each holiday. Our first project we’re sharing is this simple, yet elegant DIY gold holiday garland with decorative ends. Here’s how we made it:

First, we started by making the end pieces. We used natural brown and white coffee filters, doilies, scalloped punched vintage music rounds and a few trimmings that we picked up from our [...]

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October 25, 2013

Freshen Up Your Decor with Fall and Thanksgiving Printables

Nothing gets me more excited for the holidays than the decor. The festive colors and decorative items produce a mood and ambiance that creates all the anticipation of things to come! Holiday decor can be sophisticated, frilly, beautiful, modern, colorful or simple. So to help you get going on the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we have gathered various styles of printables that you can use this season in YOUR home decor set up! Most of these ideas are FREE to print and can be done right on your own printer, or sent to a local print shop for a small fee. These printables are great to use in frames, awesome for decorating a table for a dinner party, or just to simply use as part of [...]

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October 16, 2013

Alternative Halloween Goodies for Your Trick-or-Treaters

With fall now upon us, Halloween is just around the corner! It’s an exciting, nostalgic time of the year and I’ve really come to love decorating for this holiday. Lots of kids are already talking about and planning their Halloween costumes and are so excited to go trick-or-treating. I remember being so excited to get home with my heavy pillowcase full of candy and dump it out on the floor to see what I had inside. We usually got to eat a few pieces of candy that night and then pick out a couple of our favorites to keep aside, but then all of the candy went into one big bowl that sat on the top of the fridge. For the weeks following Halloween my mom would toss one or two [...]

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