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March 17, 2015

Join Us for a Month of #MuttMadness

This month has college basketball fans in a craze over the NCAA March Madness tournament. Though we can’t fault our former-college pals consuming bowls of chips and dip while watching the non-stop coverage of college basketball, we figured a little softer entertainment might distract some significant others and dog lovers everywhere. If pictures of pups and mutts appeals to you more than lanky guys in long shorts, then Homes.com #Mutt Madness is for you.

To all the dog lovers and puppy enthusiasts out there, who love to come home to their best furry pals, we present a whole month full of information, activities, and creative ideas to channel your inner “puppy [...]

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February 20, 2015

Announcing the #MyHeartLivesIn Instagram Contest Winner!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day (and all things romantic), Homes.com launched the #MyHeartLivesIn Instagram contest. In this contest, we asked our Instagram followers to show us what they love about their city by snapping a picture and writing a short description to show us where their heart lives. We knew how much time and talent went into the entries, and we were not disappointed.

The winner is going to receive $1,000 gift card!

Out of hundreds of submissions surrounding the theme of #MyHeartLivesIn, we’re proud to announce the winner of the contest! Everyone give @rebeccaradish (Becca Marx) a round of applause! She submitted this picture from the beautiful city of [...]

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February 13, 2015

Where Your Heart Lives Photo Map | #MyHeartLivesIn Contest

With close to 200 entries and counting for our #MyHeartLivesIn Contest, we decided to map them out for you all to see what our contestants love about their city and where. Click on a pin for a link to view the entry photo.

View #MyHeartLivesIn Map in a full screen map

There’s only one more day to get your entries in! Go to blog.homes.com/heart to find out how you can enter!

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February 13, 2015

Straight from the Nation’s Capital | #MyHeartLivesIn Contest

As you may know, we are closing in on the deadline for our #MyHeartLivesIn Instagram contest. Contestants submit the one thing about their city that makes them love it. We have received a variety of great entries and would like to show some love back for those that are participating. For this feature, we’re showcasing the nation’s capital, Washington DC. DC is well known for its monuments, and this entry from @lomb02 displays that perfectly. Below is her picture of the fountain at the World War II Memorial. This picture is not only beautiful, but it shows how much love and respect we have for our US soldiers who served in WWII. DC is also known for its gorgeous scenery and nature. [...]

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