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August 4, 2017

Wildlife Nuts in Your Backyard: Squirrel Finder

Don’t Be Squirrely About Squirrels!

Do you have squirrels in your neighborhood of all different shapes, colors and sizes? Many people don’t realize that there isn’t actually a single animal called a squirrel – in fact, according to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System, there are actually over 200 different species of squirrels!

Every one of these 300 types is classified into three categories: ground squirrels, tree squirrels and flying squirrels. Holy macadamia, that’s a lot of squirrels! Here, you will find an interactive list of squirrels mapped onto their geographic habitat in the U.S. Have fun learning about the squirrels in your [...]

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August 4, 2017

City Spotlight – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is a beautiful, bustling destination for working families, retirees, young adults, and vacationers that offers a wide array of world-renown art exhibits, sprawling golf courses and recreation centers, farm-to-table restaurants and breweries. The city is Michigan’s second largest city, serving as business headquarters to many multinational companies including Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Alticor, Meijer, and Zondervan.

Weather and Climate

Grand Rapid’s climate is humid continental, meaning that seasonal temperatures vary widely and precipitation is spread fairly evenly throughout the year, with warm, humid summers, cold, snowy winters, and short, [...]

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August 4, 2017

6 Factors to Consider When Moving to a New Town

Moving to a new town? Make sure to do your research and take these six important factors into consideration before relocating.
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August 3, 2017

The Wave House in Venice Beach, CA: Inspired Artistic Living!

A modern designer paradise, this Venice Beach home is receiving accolades across the design community. Look inside Mario Romano's Wave House here.
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