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March 30, 2016

Don’t Take The Beige Road: An Interview with Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals

Mandi Gubler is the incredibly creative brain and design queen behind the ever popular DIY blog, Vintage Revivals. You name it, she can do it–electrical wiring, flooring, furniture restoration, wall treatments, just to name a few– and chances are she will put a spin on it that you could never have imagined.  Some of our favorite projects of hers include her daughter’s hexagon wall treatment, all of her DIY light fixtures (including this openwork cube pendant light,) and the vintage trailer that she renovated, nicknamed The Nugget. (Hello…to. die. for.) Mandi has been on our blog before, but since then a lot has changed! Not only has her blog grown by leaps [...]

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March 29, 2016

Rapper 50 Cent Is Selling His Connecticut Mansion

This house is definitely over-the-top, but what else would you expect? 50 Cent is selling it, and he bought it from Mike Tyson’s ex.
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March 29, 2016

4 Simple Planter Tips for Spring

“The seeds planted today are the flowers of tomorrow.” ~proverb

Welcome to the first week of spring! What better way to celebrate than to add some spring flowers and plants to your space? Planting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A wide variety of plants and flowers in different colors and textures can be found at your local nursery or garden center. Most plants also come with care instructions on the plant marker with individual water and lighting needs for that specific variety.

The key to making your plants stand out in a crowd? Using fun and creative ideas for planters. Here’s a few inspiration ideas to get you [...]

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March 28, 2016

Top Residential Solar Trends for 2016

As the solar market expands, so do the possibilities for homeowners who want to convert to sustainable energy. Since the implementation of the solar tax credit in 2006, the cost of installing a solar energy system has dropped 73 percent. And in the past few years, new technology and designs have emerged to bring solar more within reach for the average U.S. homeowner. As we make our way through 2016, many more people will be taking advantage of the extended tax credit to install solar in their homes. Here are a few rising trends we’re likely to see this year.


When solar energy first emerged, tying into the grid wasn’t an option; solar users stored the energy they [...]

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