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December 30, 2016

5 Things You’ll Need to Know Before Buying a Historic Home

Buying a historic home can be the best of investments, or the worst. Here are the 5 most important things to know before you buy something historic.
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December 29, 2016

City Spotlight: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is a beautiful, vibrant city nestled at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains. Ranked as #5 in Best Places to Live by U.S. News, Colorado Springs offers a wonderful mix of gorgeous natural features and booming businesses. According to the U.S. Census, the housing costs for home ownership are a bit higher, but rental costs are on par with U.S. averages and median income is higher, offsetting the difference for many families. Colorado Springs residents also have particularly high rates of high school and college completion, creating a strong, well-educated workforce. The city offers a dependable public bus system serving the downtown area, though service in the [...]

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December 29, 2016

Comparing Geodesic Domes to See Which Stacks Up Better

It’s hard to argue with the legacy of geodesic domes Buckminster Fuller left behind. Let’s look at a couple of examples of living in the future of the past.
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December 28, 2016

The Migratory Processes of Snowbirds: Where They Come From and End Up

Have you ever thought of traveling south for the winter? Learn more about the migration of snowbirds: where they come from and where they are headed.
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