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May 4, 2017

Is Your Child a Young Jedi? We Found The Perfect House For You To Buy

Many of us grew up loving the Star Wars franchise, and with the release of the new generation of movies like Rogue One, many of our kids are growing up loving them too. In honor of May the 4th, we found the perfect house for the young Jedi in your family, and we can assure you—the force, and the feng-shui, are strong with this one! Check it out below.

The 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is situated in Reunion, Florida. It’s most intriguing feature is the fully outfitted Star Wars suite, completely with a gaming station. While the actual window looks out into tropical paradise, the murals on the wall feel like portals into Hoth, or some other world in a galaxy far, far [...]

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May 4, 2017

May the 4th Be With You: City Wars

The force awoke this past December, and while the next Star Wars movie isn’t slated for release until the end of this year, the battle for the galaxy wages on. Eager to get in on the action? Homes.com has brought it to our home planet in the form of City Wars. By highlighting facts about 50 different cities around the US, City Wars leaves it up to you, young Padawan, to decide the fate of your city. Will it go to the dark or the light side? On the light side, Boston has a safety index of 59.34, 167 attractions, an eco-friendly score of 58.2, and an unemployment rate of 4.1. There are some dark aspects to the city, though, such as the cold weather and a high cost of living. [...]

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May 4, 2017

Home From Motion Pictures “Wyatt Earp” and “All the Pretty Horses” for Sale

Tried and true Western film buffs rejoice! The New Mexico home featured in major motion pictures "Wyatt Earp" and "All the Pretty Horses" is for sale.
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May 3, 2017

Putting Together a Patio With Purpose

We all crave our own private getaway. We long for a place we can retreat to for much-needed solitude or somewhere to relax comfortably with others—a dedicated area for enjoyment. Sometimes that can be hard to achieve inside your home. No matter how comfortable you make your abode, the reminders of everything you should be doing (like laundry) often drown out the desire to put up your feet and read a book or sit and tell stories with your family.

There’s comfort in having a place right at home where you can get away from it all. Make your outdoor space a relaxing stay-at-home getaway spot by putting together a patio that’s both fun and functional.

Think Outside [...]
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