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Celebrity Real Estate
Catch Them If You Can: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Selling Adjoining Luxury Estates
Chris Loves Julia DIY: Outdoor Fireplace
Going Green
Green Mini Makeovers That Will Transform Your Space
Planning the Perfect Labor Day Party in Your Backyard or Home

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August 8, 2016

7 Things Your Dad Would Wish You Would Do Around the Home

If you’re moving into your first home, here’s a list of seven things your dad will want you to do around the house upon moving in to make it safer.
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August 5, 2016

10 Things You Need to Do to Prepare Your Home For a Flood

Floods can happen anywhere in the U.S. at any time of the year. From bad weather to clogged storm drains, water can destroy your home or foundation in a matter of hours. There is a lot of information on the Internet about preparing you and your family for a flood, but how do you prepare your home for a flood? The time to prepare and protect your home is before flooding is imminent.

Buy and install sump pumps with backup power

Sump pumps can be battery powered, or hook into your existing power supply or both. Get both. Storms that bring floodwaters often knock out electric power for days or weeks. You’ll need a system that can run on backup batteries or a generator. [...]

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August 5, 2016

How to Build The Ultimate DIY Water-Park In Your Own Backyard

Ready for summer fun that is eco-friendly and doesn’t break the bank? Create a field day inspired water-park in your own backyard!
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August 4, 2016

Hacks for Organized Indoor-Outdoor Parties

During the summer months, indoor-outdoor parties can be a blast. You can invite extra guests because you’ll have extra space, and you can utilize outdoor areas like a fire pit, pool and gazebo if you have them!

With the right tips and tricks, you can make your indoor-outdoor party cohesive and fun for everyone! However, double the space often means double the planning. Try these hacks to make your party organized and enjoyable.

Pick a Theme

Deciding on a theme for your party will help the party feel cohesive, even when half of it is inside and half of it is outside. Pick a fun theme like beach, western, classy or luau that uses the bright colors that come with the [...]

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throwing a labor day brunch party
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throwing a labor day brunch party
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