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Closet Organization Ideas

Closet organization ideas that add value to any room through custom closet shelving and unique organizational ideas.

We are extremely excited to introduce Shelley Smith from The House of Smiths. Shelley is an amazingly talented expert in home DIY projects, crafting and home décor. Additionally, she is a dedicated wife and proud mother to three adorable girls. We are excited she will be sharing her expertise with us in this and future posts! We hope you enjoy!

Next to losing weight, getting more organized, and beautifying our homes are definitely top priorities on most people’s “to-do” list during the first few months of the new year. The hardest place for most of us to keep clean and tidy has got to be our closets. Especially clothing closets.

So lately I’ve been searching for obtainable, practical, yet stylish ways to make the closets in our homes a lot more efficient, on-trend, and useful. Special little touches like extra storage in closets goes a LONG way in my book.

The number one thing you can do to maximize storage space, is to add custom shelving. If you’ve ever been a home buyer like me, you KNOW that ‘above par shelving’ in closets is a BIG bonus when reselling a home. So think of the money you’ll spend, adding more storage… as a small investment!

If you don’t have the capability or time to build extra shelving, create an easy-to-use system in your existing closet with coordinating labeled bins, crates or baskets.

Make sure that everything has a home. Break up your items into categories to keep everything better organized and easy to put back in its place without any guess work.

And lastly, find interesting, clever ways to maximize your closets organizing potential.

Don’t have a built-in closet to work with? If you’re looking to construct the perfect closet on your own, where one didn’t exist before, then you’ll want to head over to Ana White’s site. She constructs easy-to-follow plans for beautiful structures such as this Master Closet System.

Are you now feeling inspired to sift through all those clothes, accessories and other items you don’t use anymore!? Maybe even getting a wild hair to paint or wallpaper your closet, to add a punch of color or texture!? It’s definitely a hot trend right now and (unless you’re building a full closet system) it’s definitely something that most any homeowner can tackle in a weekend!

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12 Replies to Closet Organization Ideas

  1. Great ideas Shelley!! I especially like the cutlery trays for jewelry and the molding for shoes!!!!
    BTW – I follow your blog and love it!!!!

  2. Fabulous timing Shelly, I’m trying to organize things in our home now. We have little or next to nothing for storage space.

    I like your ideas on utilizing space when you don’t have a fortune to spend for building or remodeling. Thank you!

  3. lovely pictures. well said! i’m now trying to figure out how i can make my closet “happier” looking and even more organized. thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Wonderful sharing of inspiration and tips. An organized closet is my serenity and calm space…a stylish, organized closet is pure delight.

    Look forward to seeing more of your post here (and on your blog) too!

  5. Thanks Shelly for the wonderful tips! I am getting ready to tackle the dreaded hall closet and these ideas will definitely come in handy! 🙂

  6. I haven’t own a pair of heels in 10 years! But I love the crown molding shoe rack idea although my OCD would take over and I would have to put some kind of backing on the wall so that it wouldn’t show dirt smudges from the bottoms of your shoes.

  7. Love this! I can’t seem to get enough of organizing rooms, shelves, closets, desks, home offices…etc. Great ideas and suggestions here. I will be back for more.

  8. Shelley,

    Thank you so much for sharing the inspirations and especially for sharing the closet system link to Ana White Plans. I’m in the process of turning one of our spare bedrooms into a master closet and have found it very difficult to find diy plans for closet storage systems, so I am so thankful I stumbled upon your post! I am going to use the plan above for my new closet!! Thanks again for sharing!

  9. Excellent advice as modify my closet and wanted to make it look much better.

    But these tips are the best besides that give many ideas!

    thanks for these tips!

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