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Creating Beautiful Collages and Gallery Walls to Fill Empty Spaces

Ideas for filling those big blank walls in your apartment or home with unique collages or galleries.

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Rounding out our ‘renter friendly’ series this month, I wanted to leave you with some fantastic ideas, as well as tips and tricks for filling up those big, blank wall spaces in any home. Ideal for renters, when they want to add lots of personality and color, but can’t paint.

About a year ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to create a family photo gallery wall of our own. So with a bit of planning, we came up with a risk-free way to punch up the interest in our living room with pops of color… through photos alone!


As you can see, there is a LOT of color in our gallery wall, but the great thing, is that it’s really only done with the photos inside the frames. Which means that if we ever want to change the color scheme in our room later on, it will be really easy and painless!
Although personal photo gallery walls are one of the most popular ways that homeowners like to decorate and express themselves, it’s definitely not the only kind of collage that can make a big impact in an empty space.

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You can try decorating with letters too. From a play room to a nursery, the good old ABC’s are art all on their own!

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Plates in different colors and styles are also the perfect way to uniquely fill a wall.


If you’re looking for an innovative type of collage, simply try light canopy’s straight from the hardware store! Paint them all one color and hang them in an interesting arrangement.


To create the feel of a larger space, try using mirrors in lots of different styles together. Even with the smallest amount of natural light in a room, the reflection from the mirrors that gets sent off, can make an area appear larger.


If you know you love the look of a gallery wall, but have no idea what type of items to actually hang… try using some thrifted, empty, painted frames in a unique, layered arrangement.


And if you’re at a complete loss as to exactly what type of gallery style you want to go with, then just combine lots of different gallery wall elements into one. From empty frames to clocks, mirrors, letters and even vintage family photos… you can really customize your next gallery wall to your specific liking.


3 Tips for Planning out your Next Wall Collage:

1. Gather inspiration. Find photos that inspire you and have elements you like. That way you can decide if you want to go with frames/decor that are all one style, or more of an eclectic look, where you can use lots of different pieces to fill your wall space.

2. Measure your space and start collecting. Decide how big you want your wall collage to span, and then start collecting items. Make sure that your frames or decor will fit into your space well. Decide if you want major focal pieces or more of a streamline look of photos/decor equally spaced apart, that are the same sizes.

3. Make paper templates. This is the best way to save your walls from too many nail holes. Buy some kraft paper, or just tape printer paper together, and make a template for each wall collage item. It’s MUCH easier to move paper templates around on a wall, then the real thing.


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