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Using Textiles to Brighten up and Add Personality to your Rental

This month I’m going to be focusing my weekly posts towards helping renters find great decor and home improvement ideas that are not only affordable, but trend-setting and able to bring out your individual personality, even when you are surrounded by a sea of white walls! One of the easiest ways to add color and personal style to a blank canvas, without paint, is through beautiful textiles such as pillows, curtains and rugs. These options are the perfect way to add visual interest to a sometimes bland white space for renters, especially because they are all things that you can take with you, when/if you need to ever move!


Curtains are a great way to add the illusion of color on a bare wall, because they can help cover lots of wall space. Curtains are also a perfect way to open up a room and make it appear larger. If you hang your curtain rods higher, then the actual window it will make the room appear taller and more grand.

When looking to add colorful curtains to your space think of trying large patterns or thick stripes to give your space more drama and impact, especially if your room is needing a big splash of color.

If you are using multiple ‘busy’ patterns with pillows or bedding in your room, then stick to a smaller pattern or a more monochromatic curtain color theme. That way you can still use the colors you need, but won’t overwhelm the room with too many patterns.


Pillows have got to be the fastest, easiest, most affordable way to change up a rooms look. Usually for about $20 – $65 you can buy custom made, beautifully constructed pillow covers that will tie in perfectly with the look that you’re trying to achieve in your space. Pillows are also a great way to try out a new trend or color combination in a room without having to put forth much risk or money.

When trying to add a more ‘homey’ feel to your rented space with decorative pillows, also take into consideration texture. Finding pillows that have texture in them can help a space look more cozy and comfortable as well as add a touch of personality to your room.


Adding a large area rug to a room is the perfect way to make a space appear finished, warm and welcoming. It can even be the thing that brings all of your rooms decor together! Frequently renters are not happy with the finish of their floors and are also usually limited on the changes that they can make to the actual structure of their space, so covering it up is sometimes the best solution… and a trendy, colorful rug will do just that!

Along the lines of floor covering, a fabulous option for renters, if looking to cover existing hard floor surfaces that you don’t like or may not work for your family, are these non-damaging carpet tiles by the Flor company. There are lots of different styles to choose from and the individual carpet tiles are great for making custom rugs, runners or even perfect for covering a whole room with a wall to wall custom design.

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