10 Inexpensive Ways to Bring Color into Your Home this Summer

by Beth HunterJuly 12, 2012

During the summer season the earth shines in vibrant colors. Red ripe garden tomatoes, blue shining oceans, vibrant green foliage, and colorful garden flowers remind us to slow down and enjoy the moment! Bring some of the flavor of summer into your home this season with these 10 budget-friendly home decor tips!


Fresh-cut flowers are easy to come by during the summer months and look beautiful indoors. Try creating several small nosegay arrangements for a big impact using fewer flowers. Also, don’t ignore those country weeds! Wildflowers make lovely arrangements and are typically free for the taking.

Bowls of Fruit

Don’t hide your produce this season, display it! Bowls of fruit or vegetables bring bold pops of color to kitchen counters, tabletops, and coffee tables. Besides looking beautiful, it will encourage healthy snacking for the entire family!

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are hands down my favorite decorating accessory! They instantly add color and texture to a room without costing a fortune or requiring much labor. When choosing throw pillows, don’t be scared to mix and match bold fabric prints. Look for a bold floral, a large scale geometric, and a small scale geometric that work together. If you are looking to change your pillows on a dime, don’t forget that cloth napkins and placemats can easily be turned into beautiful toss pillow covers!

Colorful Rugs

Rugs are not typically items we think of as easily changeable and inexpensive. However in the age of Ikea and DIY they now can be! Stenciling an inexpensive rug is a fun and simple way to add a bold change to any room in your home. On my blog, I put together a list of 17 different painted rug tutorials that you can browse to inspire you! If DIY isn’t your thing, you can check out the inexpensive selection of indoor/outdoor rugs and choose one to use for the season.


Garden Stools

Garden stools are an incredibly versatile piece of furniture that can add instant color to your room. You can use them indoors or out, as extra seating or a side table, a coffee table or a foot stool! Don’t forget that the stools color can easily be changed with a can of spray paint.



All of the drapes in my home are on ring clips so that I can easily change them on a whim. Bedsheets, tablecloths and canvas drop-cloths can easily turn into new summer drapes with some creativity. Fabric can be stenciled, fringe can be added, and hem tape can be used to create a designer look on a dime.



Coats and jackets don’t need to be on display this season, so why not decorate your entryway with bright beach towels and summer sundries? Not only will your items be convenient for your trips to the pool or beach, but they will look cute to boot!


Thrift Store Canvas Painting

Freshen up your artwork this summer by turning a thrift store canvas into a treasured piece of art! Large canvases can be very expensive to purchase brand new, but when purchased from a second-hand store they are incredibly affordable. Simply paint over the existing image to create a one-of-a-kind focal point! You can even take a tip from Simple Mom and let your kids help with creating your new masterpiece. Give them finger paints in soothing colors and allow their creativity shine.


Summer Dishware

Treat yourself to a new set of dishes this summer! Melamine dishware abounds this year in bright and bold colors. Mix and match your patterns to brighten up your meals and make each dish a celebration!

Summer Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are hot right now! If you have one, change out your pictures to reflect the season. Place your summer vacation pictures, pictures of your garden flowers, and other items of inspiration in your frames.


Do you have any tips for adding summer color to your home? Please share them with us in the comments below! Or are there any tips listed above that you’d like to try? I’d love to hear about it!

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