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Makeshift Mudrooms and other Drop Zones

Mudrooms are all the rage these days don’t you think!? They really are such a cool concept to add to your space, not only because they help you to organize your clutter, but because they add value to your home! This being said, a lot of us don’t have the room or means to construct beautiful spaces such as these…

…so I’m going to be talking a little bit about how to create a mudroom type feel in your house so that you can stay as organized and clutter-free as possible; especially with the busy school year starting up.

Knocking Down Walls and Making Room

This is probably the most extreme option of the three that we’re going to look at.

This first image was one from our home project we did this past year. Basically we had a closet that was actually quite large on the inside, but serving little purpose for us. So we knocked down the walls and created a mudroom nook instead.

The same goes for this next space. It looks as though they had a traditional closet, or maybe even a double door storage space, but then converted it into an open mudroom. This definitely requires a bit more work, time, and know-how, but it’s a great option and one you may not have thought of.

Creating a Drop Zone on an Empty wall

If you don’t have a space that you can turn into a full blown mudroom nook, but you DO have an extra wall, where a drop zone can be created, think about implementing one of these cool ideas. By simply using a bench or two, a few hanging/storage systems and some fun decor, you’ve turned your empty wall into a much more usable space!

The great thing about creating your own drop zone for everyday items, is that you can customize it to your needs. Do you have a lot of shoes? Then purchase a few IKEA shoe drawers. A lot of coats and backpacks? Then opt for a bunch of extra hooks. The possibilities are really endless and this process can be as pricey or as inexpensive as you want it to be.

Making the Most of a Small Space

If you’re thinking that you would really like to attempt one of these extra storage ideas, but don’t have empty space or even a huge wall to commit to lots of baskets and benches, then have no fear. Beth and Wendy took the small spaces just behind their entryway and back doors, and decorated them with simple board and batten, wallpaper and some classy hooks; easy as that! I consider a project like this to be “weekend do-able”… meaning that you could create this particular look in only a few days!

One of the coolest things about living in a home is the ability to be able to customize it for your needs. Instead of getting hung up on what you DON’T have, try working with what you DO have. Get creative and think outside the box this year with how you are going to combat the extra back-to-school clutter.

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