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Decorating with Nature for Fall

A few weeks ago we talked about some ways to decorate for fall with a budget in mind. From brown paper flowers to painting craft store pumpkins in unique ways. But for those of you who have very little, to no budget for fall decorating, I thought I’d share a few ideas that you could implement, just by simply shopping around outside!


These little guys fall in abundance. They’re everywhere this time of the year and there are lots of different, creative ways to use them in your decorating. One of the most popular ways to showcase them is in a vase. You can cluster them around a candle, or simply use them as filler for a flower arrangement.


The great thing about nature is that it provides us so many different colors to use, especially in the fall with all the leaves changing. From reds and pinks to golden yellows and bright oranges, there are tons of different shades of leaves and foliage to choose from, if you’re looking for a totally free way to add some color into your decorating this fall.

You can frame a single leaf in a simple frame, or if you want to add even more variation with color, try assembling a simple, natural fall garland and let the unique colors and shapes of the leaves speak for themselves.

For a bigger impact, cut down an entire branch of leaves, if your tree can spare it. It can add height to a mantel in no time flat. You can also use branches in different kinds of vases or pots for the centerpieces at a dinner table, to add color and drama.


If you find that you’ve waited a little too long to enjoy the colorful leaves of fall, and where you live is heading towards the winter months, then no worries. You can still use just plain, rustic sticks in your home, to bring the outside in. Frame them, glue them around a candle votive, line them up inside a vase or simply bundle them to add movement to your next vignette or tablescape layout.

All of these ideas are basically free! So if you’re looking to add more fall flair to your home, take a little time to cruise around nature, think outside the box, and see what types of natural decor you can bring from the outside in!

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