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Finding Your Own Decorating Style

Trendy or timeless? This is a question I must ask myself every time I start working with a new client. I have been in the interior design industry now for over 15 years and I still believe what I believed when I started working in the business. I must get to the bottom of who the client really is, what they like and what they can live with for a long time.

I have clients that will bring me a beautiful picture of an interior torn out of Elle Decor or some other popular design publication and say this is what I want. I find after asking lots of questions, that they may love the room in the photograph, but the room may not quite fit their lifestyle.


Decorate Workshop
One of my favorite designers, blogger and author of several wonderful design books, Holly Becker, said this:

“I have a confession to make: I do not believe in interior design by prescription. I believe in spaces that reflect the unique individuals dwelling within – their personality and their need for comfort, inspiration, restoration and embrace. As an interior designer, I seek to create spaces that are authentically sacred for the clients with whom I work.

“The challenge for many is to find the language to translate who they are as people into the form and function of their physical space. Interior design and decorating are often an unfamiliar medium, which is why we need visual tools and a means of “cracking our own code” to help us communicate what it is that truly inspires us.”

Decorate Workshop page 73

So this is what you have to do to, “crack the code” and figure out who you are and what will truly make you happy for years to come in the space you are about to create.
Discover what your style is and be content with your home by considering your lifestyle and your own likes and dislikes. Don’t worry about the trends and what everyone else is doing. I love emerald green, but I can’t imagine changing my home to fit the current trend. Ask yourself some questions…

  • What are the different styles you have seen and like?
  • What can you live with for a long time?
  • What colors do you like?
  • What do you find comforting and relaxing?
  • What shapes and patterns do you like?
  • Do you like lots of stuff or do you want to keep it simple?
  • Do you have special pieces of art or accessories you would like to use?
  • How do you want the room to feel when it’s complete?

Now you can start when you really examine yourself and stop thinking about what everyone else is doing you and begin to discover your own style. Once you figure out your own style you will stop second guessing yourself and be happy with what you have and what you’ve created. It’s important to remember there isn’t just one way to decorate a room.

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