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Spring Colors for 2013 + How to Incorporate them into your Home

Our winter has been really rough this year; a freezing day here, a massive snowstorm there… I’m more than ready for spring, how about you? Warmer weather, longer, sunnier days, bright colors and greenery are what I dream of! I think by the beginning of March, we’re all anxious to see a bit of springs presence in our homes, whether it’s through a fresh new paint color or a couple new pieces of decor.

Spring Colors for 2013

That being said, Pantone’s 2013 spring color pallet is one of my favorites this year! I love the mix of deep, light, airy and bright shades of color all in one spot!

Since I’m desperately waiting for spring to arrive where I live, I thought in the meantime I would share some ways that you can incorporate a few of these spring colors into your home.


Spring 2013 room colors

Lamps are a great item to add into a room as a statement piece. It’s amazing what a pop of green, orange or yellow in a lamp base can do for a space. If you feel that using a colored base is still too much of a commitment, then think about just changing out the shade. This makes it even easier to move from one color to another if you decide you want to switch things up in the future.

Colorful Lamps



rainbow flower pillows

I’ve used colorful pillows over and over again as ways to jazz up a rooms decor, but it’s only because they really CAN work wonders. Plus, they’re usually pretty affordable and you can get them made in any shade or style that your heart desires. Jade, linen, and dusk blues in the spring Pantone color pallet would be really good options for those of you who want to add in some happy, trendy shades, but don’t want to go too over the top.

Spring Pillows
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One of the best ways to add interest and personality to a room is through small accessories, so find a few colors that you want to use in your home and gather pieces that reflect those. If you feel like you need direction on staging a great vignette, then you can read Beth’s article on creating beautiful vignettes.

Table top spring decor


Wall Displays:

Wall Displays

If you’re feeling brave and want to add a big splash of color in your space, then paint is a great way to go. But if you don’t want to commit to just one of these fun spring colors, try mixing and matching them by creating an interesting wall display. Colorful plates, frames and even photos themselves can be the perfect way to bring more spring into your space.

colorful wall display ideas

Graphic Rugs:

Boldly colored, graphic rugs are a fun way to try new colors, especially if your home is starting out with a neutral base. The right rug can make a room feel cozier and even a bit larger if you find the perfect pattern.

Colorful Rugs
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Hopefully some of these ideas get you thinking about how to incorporate a couple of spring colors into your space for these upcoming months. Make sure to keep your eye out while shopping, more than a few of these great new shades that Pantone has suggested, are showing up in lots of your favorite home decor stores!

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