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5 DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Space

The days are longer, sunnier, and everyone is ready to spend more time outside in the great outdoors! Besides looking fantastic, an outdoor oasis can actually add value to your home. To help you create an outdoor space to be proud of this summer, I am going to highlight five do-it-yourself projects that you can accomplish in less than a weekend.

diy outdoor ideas

1. Create a Unique Planter

Whether you live in suburbia or in an urban neighborhood, one of the easiest ways to add interest to your outdoor space is with a unique planter. Create a topsy-turvy planter by stringing terracotta pots on a piece of rebar. Build a herringbone planter using painted wood shims. Hang flower pots from an old window frame or use pipe hangers to create a vertical, potted garden on your fence. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating a unique planter for your flowers and herbs!

diy planters
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2. Make an Outdoor Chandelier

Mood lighting is an incredibly important aspect to any living space. I love the look of chandeliers hanging above a sitting or dining area. To create outdoor chandeliers, hang mason jars filled with candles or electric tea lights. You can also buy a second hand chandelier and replace the bulbs with solar powered lights. If you have access to a convenient power source, consider stringing twinkle lights around a hula hoop to create a fun chandelier.

diy outdoor chandeliers
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3. Paint an Outdoor Rug

Yes, you read that right! You can actually paint an inexpensive outdoor rug or even a canvas drop-cloth to create a high-end look for less. All you need is a rug or drop cloth, spray paint or acrylic paints with fabric medium, and painter’s tape or a stencil. Simply place your stencil on your rug, apply your paint, allow the paint to fully dry, and enjoy the beauty of your custom rug! Rugs ground the furniture in your outdoor space and really help an outdoor room take shape. Outdoor painted rugs are best used on covered porches but can be used on open decks and patios. If your rug is going to get a lot of exposure to the elements, consider using spray paint on your rug which is oil-based and will wear better than acrylic paints.

painted outdoor rugs
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4. Make an Outdoor Chalkboard

If you have children, an outdoor chalkboard is a must for summer fun! If you don’t have children, an outdoor chalkboard is still a ton of fun! Chalkboard art is a huge trend right now that isn’t just for kids. Adding an outdoor chalkboard to your space will add an ever-changing “art canvas” to your backyard. All you need to create your own is a sheet of plywood, exterior flat paint, and sanded grout. The recipe to make any chalkboard paint is 1 cup of flat latex paint to 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Although I love a black chalkboard, with this recipe you can create a chalkboard in any color of your choosing.

outdoor chalkboard
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5. Build a Cabana

All outdoor spaces need a cool shady spot for relaxing and escaping the heat. If your outdoor space is lacking a shady retreat, why not build your own? You can create a frame for your cabana using wood or even PVC pipe. Cover your cabana with sturdy outdoor fabric or outdoor curtains. I would take the extra measure of treating the fabric with a fabric water sealer spray for added protection against the elements. An outdoor cabana adds privacy and romance to any deck or patio. I plan on building one on our roof deck this summer!

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With these 5 outdoor do it yourself projects, you will be able to make your outdoor space into your own outdoor oasis! I hope I have inspired you to spruce up your outdoor living quarters this season. Which project are you excited to try? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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