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6 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Curb appeal can give your home a look that is warm and inviting. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to repaint your house, although that is an option, to have excellent curb appeal, small details can go a long way. For those of you who enjoy gardening, this is a great opportunity to let that green thumb take action. Here are a few ways to add to the curb appeal of your home.


Dress Up the Front Door

Dressing up your front door can give your home personality. This could include getting a new door, painting your current door, or just adding some creativity by hanging a wreath. Adding a small bench with pillows and a few plants to your front door area creates an inviting atmosphere. Wreaths can be fairly inexpensive to purchase, they can also be an easy DIY project.


Create Symmetry

Symmetry is appealing to the eye; therefore, creating symmetry in front of the entrance to your home can make your front entry way look put together and neat. Putting two pots with small bushes on each side of the door is the simplest way to create symmetry.

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Container Gardens

If you are going for landscaping effects instead of symmetry, then consider making a container garden. Container gardens are simply plants of various sizes in pots of various sizes. Bunching them together can create an interesting landscaping effect. Be asymmetrical in this little landscaping project because asymmetry will create a more exciting setting with the variety of pot sizes and colors.


Update Hardware

Sometimes it’s the little things that can go a long way. Instead of getting a whole new door, updating door knobs, door bells, house numbers, gutters, etc. will add to the curb appeal. Keeping the hardware updated can allow you to adjust your curb appeal to any theme you choose for your over all home; whether it is a more rustic look or an industrial one, hardware pieces come in a large variety.

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Balcony Designs

If you have a balcony, curb appeal can be applied there as well! Balcony’s are great in using for storage purposes such as your bicycle, but if you want to have more curb appeal, consider putting out some outdoor furniture and plants. Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be big; a couple chairs and side table is enough. Adding plants will really make your balcony look put together. Pots are perfect for the balcony setting and come in various sizes to accommodate your balcony space. Pick a variety of plants for the balcony, including small bushes, flowers, and even small trees.



Curb appeal does not just mean having your place look welcoming during day light, it also means night time. Put up some rope lights, a lantern, or solar powered lights to outline the pathway up to your front door. Having lights gives a pleasant welcoming effect that is warm and elegant.

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Whatever methods you choose in creating curb appeal, always remember to keep it clean and organized. Make sure to stay on top of cleanliness and to take care of your plants. Trimming bushes and trees becomes essential in keeping the curb appeal looking neat and put together. If paint starts chipping, or the house numbers are rusting, make sure to repaint and replace hardware to keep your place looking brand new! Finally, allow your home’s curb appeal show off a little of your family’s personality!

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