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Crafting for Charity: How to Create a Herringbone Lamp

Howdy folks!  My name is Mandi and I blog at Vintage Revivals and I am SO excited for this fun project!!  I love creating, I love competitions, and I love charity work, its a win win win!!

The charity that I am sharing with you today is one that I love so much.  Its called The Christmas Box House.

Each Christmas Box House serves as a one-stop assessment center for abused and neglected children, from infants through children up to the age of eighteen. Children in our care receive mental, emotional, and physical care in a home-like, loving environment. During their stay they are exposed to a variety of learning experiences.

When a child enters a Christmas Box House the first thing they see is a large Christmas tree decorated year round. The children are allowed to choose a toy or stuffed animal from under the tree to join them in their experience at the Christmas Box House.

Children stay at the Christmas Box House until an appropriate placement has been made or until their environment at home is safe to allow for their return. The Christmas Box Houses are particularly helpful to sibling groups, who would oftentimes be separated from one another because of a lack of homes that can accommodate several children at once.

I hope that you love this project enough to vote for me!!


Last November I made this color pop cord lamp out of a vase (I know can you believe it!!)  I am a huge fan or revisiting projects and changing things up.  Also?  I have a HUGE addiction to Sharpie Paint Pens right now.  I want to paint pen everything in my house.  So this lamp didnt stand a chance.

Head to your local craft store and round up a paint pen or 2 in your favorite color.  If you are drawing on glass make sure that it is an oil based pen,  it will make your design much more durable.


The look that I was going for was hand drawn and imperfect.  I love when things look handmade, it warms my creative heart.  Start by drawing your vertical lines and then connect them by drawing short diagonal lines switching directions in each row.


The lines dry almost instantly, but still make sure that you are careful not to smudge them.


Add a funky shade (mine is Threshold from Target) and you have a one of a kind lamp that you love!


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