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Crafting for Charity: How to Create a Hexagon Greenhouse

Hi! I am Stacy and I blog at Not Just A  Housewife. I LOVE to garden. And most years I start several of the things for my flower beds and vegetable gardens from seed. In the past I have used an old metal shelving unit. It was bulky and UGLY. I have always wanted an indoor green house. The indoor greenhouses I have come across were always too small. So I set out to figure out how to make one that was big enough for me!


I found this 6 foot curio cabinet on our local online classifieds for $25.00!!! It was very out of date but it had loads of potential.

I started out by covering the glass with newspaper and painters tape.

Then anything that was shiny, got sanded. Primer and paint will stick better to a dull surface.

Then I primed, and painted everything that had been gold.

Next I cut out a hexagon pattern out of vinyl. I have a machine called a Silhouette that allows me to cut out vinyl and I can even design the pattern myself. If you do not own a machine, there are places online you can order custom vinyl. Make sure you have your exact measurements for them and maybe even a rendering of what you want it to look like. Another option (which I almost did) is to cut the pattern out of 1/8 inch plywood with a jig saw. Or you could even stencil it on. There are a ton of stencil options available at crafts store and online.

Before applying the vinyl, clean the glass well.


Once you have your vinyl (it will be stuck to a clear transfer paper) you need to line it up where you want it and then use something thin, hard, and flat to rub the vinyl. A credit card or a plastic putty knife would work. This allows the vinyl to stick to the glass so that when you pull the transfer paper off, the vinyl stays put.

And then fill it with you favorite plants and seedlings!

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  1. This is a really clever project! I think it would look a little nicer if you took the hex vinyl off of the front panel though so that the plants would be more visible… you would still have the pretty pattern flanking the sides but if you have a green house, you want to SEE the plants. 🙂

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