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Small Space Storage Solutions

Living in a home with limited space? I’ve rounded up some great ideas for maximizing the existing space in your place.

Low on space in your bathroom? Attach or build a shelf above your bathroom door. Use this solution to store linens or other bathroom toiletries. Contain smaller items in baskets.


Take advantage of hidden vertical space – the inside of doors. Use shoe organizers to corral your shoes, toiletries, cleaning products, kids’ toys, pantry items, the possibilities are endless. They even make storage systems for doors nowadays.

door shoe storage

Missing a pantry in your current home? Build a rolling food cabinet! This narrow cabinet fits snugly next to a refrigerator and rolls back and forth, making it a convenient, space-saving way to store food.


Need an office space but don’t have an extra room for an office? Create a cloffice – a closet office. Add shelving to store important documents and a desk space for your computer. You could even maximize the space on the inside of the door for extra storage.


Most everyone has extra space under their bed. Use that space for additional storage. You can build rolling drawers. Or you could even take shallow drawers from an old dresser and add wheels. Not feeling as ambitious? Specific under the bed storage containers are available in stores.


I hope some of these tips inspire you to think outside of the box when determining storage solutions for your small spaces.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Do you have any extra tips or tricks for storage in small spaces?

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2 Replies to Small Space Storage Solutions

  1. oh wow.. i love that shoe rack… trouble is i might need 2 of them 🙂

    Its amazing what you can find out there and fit lots of stuff in small places.
    The only downside is that it requires a tidy person to make sure everything goes back in its right place

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