Curb Appeal

Ways to Create Great Curb Appeal for your Home

Now that spring has sprung, for most of us, it’s time to get thinking about how we can improve on the exterior portion of our homes. We’ve already touched on some effective ways that you can clean up your home for spring, so today, I wanted to cover the topic of creating great curb appeal.
Adding color, tidying up your flowerbeds and displaying a little personality to the exterior of your house and it’s surroundings, is the fun part about being a homeowner. The possibilities are endless, but I wanted to address four simple, big-impact ways to really add pizzazz to your property this year.



If you have an older home, or live in an area where you experience extreme weather, the exterior of your house may need a bit more attention than just periodical touch-ups. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your stucco, siding or trim can really punch up your curb appeal. It’s also a great way to attract homebuyers, if you’re looking to sell. The condition of the outside of your home will probably be the first thing that potential homebuyers will see when looking for a new place, so make sure that yours is, clean, fresh and stands out from the rest.




We’ve addressed the elements for creating a welcoming entryway before, but I want to express again how important it is to pay attention to your front door and porch, when trying to achieve a more attractive looking home.


A project like this can easily be done in just a weekend. Replacing or repainting your door, adding some new hardware, flanking your porch with greenery and cleaning up or completely updating your outdoor lighting, are simple things that you can do to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and completely change the look of your curb appeal in just a few days.



If you think about the phrase “curb appeal,” it literally means that a person sees your home, in it’s entirety, from the curb of your property. Naturally, their eye would start at the front of your property and then move out and upward towards your actual home, so if this is the case, then one of the immediate and best impressions you can make to an onlooker, is having an attractive mailbox.

I think a lot of us forget about this little detail when we embark on freshening up our home; and really, it doesn’t take that much work at all. Even just a quick coat of spray paint and some new numbers can work wonders in this department.



Each year our family sets aside time to give our homes surrounding flowerbeds a good face lift. Trimming dead branches and trees, pulling weeds, clearing away old ground covering or replacing worn out yard ornaments is an easy way to brighten up your exterior space.


If you struggle with finding enough time to tend your flowerbeds on a regular basis, then here’s a great tip: Apply a layer of good quality, thick, weed barrier, that you can purchase at any home improvement or gardening center, FIRST, and then continue on with planting flowers, shrubs and laying down new bark/ground covering. This will save you lots of time when it comes to weeding later on.


While having terrific curb appeal is lovely to look at and enjoy, it’s also a key factor when purchasing a new home for potential homebuyers, so keep that in mind if your house is on the market. Would you want to see the rest of your home inside, from the look of your home on the outside?

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