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DIY Experts Share How-to Install Crown Moulding

Katie and Jon, the DIY experts, from show you how to install crown moulding in this video tutorial. If you are thinking about updating the interior of your home, consider installing crown mouldings which flare out from the walls to the ceiling and are aimed at creating a more elegant appearance in a room. Occasionally viewed as a difficult project, Katie and Jon’s step-by-step instructions make this project simple and a must-add to your DIY list.

For more home improvement tutorials by Katie and Jon visit the YouTube Channel and stay tuned for upcoming video tutorials by the DIY experts. If you have a home improvement project that you would like Katie and Jon to do, please comment below.

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One Reply to DIY Experts Share How-to Install Crown Moulding

  1. Hi Jon and Katie,

    Great video showing people how to install crown molding. I noticed you roll and brush out the crown in the video before installation. This is one option, but I like to get the cheap wagners from the big box stores and spray the crown first. They work great. The trick is to add a little water to the paint before you spray it, making sure the viscosity is right to spray. Then, you can stack 5 pieces of crown, spray them in 1 minute and when you do the final coat of paint after installation it looks like you sprayed the crown molding in the room. Well, that’s my 2 cents!



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