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Trend Alert: Hexagon

Also called honeycomb, the hexagon pattern is a hot trend this year. From tile to lighting and everything in between, hexagons are popping up everywhere. Geometrical patterns in general have been popular for awhile, but this pattern is a personal favorite of mine and I love that it is taking off. Let’s explore some of the ways they are being used in home décor!



Lighting is also something that people often forget about. But fabulous lighting in a room can really take a space up a notch! I love these hexagon light fixtures. They would look great in any space.



Whether it is small scale, big scale, used in a traditional way, or modern way, hexagon tile is a fun detail in any space. I love it as a backsplash and as floor tile. It is a classic tile shape that will never go out of style.

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While I was looking at furniture online I noticed that there were plenty of options for furniture that were designed with the hexagon in mind. Some had the pattern was painted on, and some the whole piece itself was a hexagon. I love the idea of having one (hexagon) statement piece.

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I have been seeing hexagon shelves everywhere lately! And I think they would be a pretty easy DIY project too. If you are leery of following trends, a simple shelf would be a good way to test if you like it and would be easy to change out if the trend wears on you. These shelves would add a fun pop of color to any room.



Whether you choose a traditional color pallet or a bold modern one, there are plenty of hexagon rugs to chose from. Or you can make one yourself like the one of the left below. You could also buy a plain flat weave rug and paint a hexagon pattern on it to create a truly custom rug.

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I love accessorizing a room! It is the final (and fun) part of finishing a room. This is where you can add a pop of color, show your personality, and maybe even insert a funky conversation piece. I have so many I sometimes rotate them through out the year. This is another place where it would be fun to experiment with the hexagon pattern in your home.

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If you are confident in your love of all things hexagons, then add a statement wall to your space! Wall paper, stencil, or tile your wall and you will have a truly unique room. The orange and grey wall below is made up of textured tiles. And the other wall is wood pieces attached to the wall. Both make quite the impact.

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I LOVE pillows. I think I have a throw pillow addiction! They are another inexpensive way to experiment with a trendy pattern. They are pretty easy to find but this is another thing that would be easy to DIY. Add fabric medium to any acrylic or latex paint and you can paint fabric with it. Just use painters tape or a stencil and you will have a custom pillow.

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So what do you think? Do you love the hexagon trend? Are you wanting to try it out? Or do you already have it in your space? Tell us!

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