Curb Appeal, Home Improvement’s DIY Experts: Create a Natural Outdoor Pathway

Natural-Pathway’s DIY experts Katie and Jon, from, show you how to create a unique wooden pathway for your yard in this video tutorial. This DIY project is simpler than it looks thanks to Katie and Jon’s easy step-by-step instructions. Add this home improvement project to your summer DIY list to help add more creativity to your outdoor space.


Do you have a home improvement project that you would like Katie and Jon to do? Comment your DIY ideas below and stay tuned for upcoming home improvement video tutorials by’s DIY experts!

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5 Replies to’s DIY Experts: Create a Natural Outdoor Pathway

  1. The video is interesting and teaches you to be more nature friendly and resourceful. It sets a new idea for creative way of beautification. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is soooo pretty! Love the different tones of brown and various shapes – and a great alternative to stone. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  3. I’ve admired the log path for months but could not find how to secure the log pavers together. Your video answered all my queries. Thank you sooo much :).

  4. Don’t know what happened there, but thanks for pointing it out. We’ve updated the post so that the video will show. If you do it, we’d love to see your photos of the project!

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