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Real Estate Rebound: Now, Over a Third of the U.S. Markets are More Than Halfway Recovered!

According to the latest Homes.com Rebound Report, 35 of the top U.S. markets showed more than a 50% rebound in the price decline attributable to the Great Recession – up from the 28 markets in last month’s report. That is now over a third of the top U.S. markets that are more than halfway recovered! What impact does this have on the overall housing market in the U.S.?

The most recent Homes.com Rebound Report reveals new market performance data on the price impacts of the Great Recession and U.S. Housing Bubble. Currently, 35 of the 100 markets measured showed more than a 50% rebound, indicating over a third of the top U.S. markets have more than halfway recovered from the decline in home prices! In fact, 14 of these markets displayed a full price recovery – up from the 9 in last month’s report.


The good news continues with the latest Homes.com Local Market Index Report. According to this report, all of the top U.S. markets increased in home prices on both a monthly and annual basis! Brian Jones, senior U.S. economist in New York, states that “the residential real-estate market in the U.S. is on fire.” Some experts caution however that the market may be “too good” and that we “need to see a moderation of home-price growth.”

In the case of home pricing trends, moderation is most definitely the key to stable growth. A majority of markets with moderate gains during the housing bubble are the first to completely rebound while those with extreme growth take longer to catch up. Tulsa, OK, for example, continues to exhibit more modest growth and is presently the U.S. market with the smallest monthly increase, yet is one of the top rebounding markets with a 179% rebound.



Overall, price trends this month clearly show the momentum of progress within the real estate industry. Is now the time to buy or sell your home?

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