15 Easy DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

by Beth HunterJuly 10, 2013

Summertime is my favorite season. I love the extended days and outdoor celebrations that last long into the night. To keep the party going outdoors this summer, you need to light the way for your family and guests. I have collected 15 easy DIY outdoor lighting ideas that anyone can replicate.
Give an outdated chandelier new life by removing the existing electrical sockets and spray painting the chandelier in your choice of color. Hang your light on your porch and place wick or LED candles in the place of the electrical sockets. For the full step-by-step tutorial, visit In My Own Style.


If you have an old pot rack that you are no longer currently using, you may want to think twice before donating it. Upcycle your pot rack into an adorable DIY chandelier. Hang the pot rack from your covered porch or pergola and fill the top with jar candles and plants. I think it would be cute to use the hooks on the pot rack for hanging lanterns. Let your creativity be your guide!


Here is another fun upcycling project that involves an old wine bottle and supplies from your local hardware store. I love the idea of adding fuel to the bottles which will also repel mosquitoes.


If you want a very quick and easy way to add some ambiance to your outdoor rooms, try wrapping twine around clean jars and spray painting the jars. Remove the twine and then place candles within the jars once the paint is dry. The light will shine through the glass where the twine once was to create a lovely pattern.


Stacy Risenmay from Not Just a Housewife created a cute outdoor solar lamp using PVC pipe, a solar light, and a lampshade. If you replicate this project, I recommend using a sunbrella fabric shade on your lamp.


These outdoor pendant lights were created using plant hangers, solar lights, chain, and baskets from the dollar store. What an easy and creative way to light your backyard living space!


Can you believe this next light by The Shabby Creek Cottage was created using an oatmeal container, concrete, and a solar light? I think these would look great outlining a dark pathway in mod-style.


Outdoor string lighting can be gussied up to celebrate special occasions – or everyday occasions! Decorate colorful paper bags and secure over your string lighting for a completely different look.


Or instead of paper bags, how about using paper cups or cupcake liners over your outdoor string lights to create a festive atmosphere?



For this next outdoor light, you will need strands of twinkle lights, grapevine balls, a stick, burlap ribbon and an outdoor extension cord. With a little patience, you can make this adorable chandelier. How charming!


Why keep those icicle lights boxed up all year, when you can use them to create a hula hoop chandelier? To create this unique light fixture, cover your hula hoop with fabric, wrap icicle lights around the hula hoop, and plug into an outdoor extension cord.


These next two projects involve a $7 Ikea Hemma indoor/outdoor light set. You can create so many fantastic DIY lights with this inexpensive cord set. In the picture below, Apples of My Eye created a mason jar chandelier for her outdoor patio by drilling holes in the lids of mason jars.


For a cage-light pendant, you can use the Ikea light secured between two painted, wired planter baskets.


For more re-purposing ideas, and creative lighting ideas be checkout our Decorating section.

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