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5 Easy Tips to Lower Your Electric Bill

In the summer, the heat rises outdoors and so does your electric bill. Trying to stay cool with summer’s heat rising into triple digits can be tough but there are ways to lower your electric bill and stay cool at the same time. Here are 5 tips to lower your electric bill.


Change the Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFL bulbs, can save a lot of energy and reduce the cost of your electric bill. CFLs produce just as much light as regular light bulbs, but they use one-fifth to one-third of the electric power and last up to 15 times longer. CFLs save over five times its purchase in electric costs. Although changing light bulbs won’t keep you cool, they will lower the cost of the electric bill and will give you more in your budget to use the air conditioner.

Seal the House

Cold air leaks through the smallest cracks, therefore limiting those cracks can help you save on your electric bill. Check your door frames and window frames and see if you have any cracks that require to be better sealed. Caulk and weather-stripping can help plug up these cracks and ultimately keep cold air in and electric costs down.

Clean the Filters

Air filters tend to get clogged and dusty. Air doesn’t flow well when air filters are dirty, therefore cleaning filters or replacing them can help cool your home and ultimately help you lower your electric bill costs. Filters should be cleaned monthly for central air as well as individual window units.

Unplug Electronics

While electronics are plugged into the socket, energy is being used and therefore your electric bill rises. Simply unplugging your electronics can save you money and will create room in your budget for using the AC some more.

Don’t Use the Air Conditioner

Although the AC is tempting to use, using fans or shutting the blinds can help keep a room cool. It is also essential to turn off the AC when leaving your home; this will reduce your electric bill costs immensely. Turning off fans when leaving a room, will also help reduce your electric bill.

By lowering your electric bill in one area, you can help give yourself more room to freely use your AC. When you are not home, always make sure to turn things off, this will not only lower your electric bill but it will help keep your home safe from any potential fires: even unplugging sockets will greatly reduce risk. Use the tips above to help yourself to a cool summer without emptying your wallet!

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