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Working 2013’s Decorating Trends Into Your Home


2013 is all about style mixing, have you noticed?

We’ve been style mixing since we started re-doing our home about 4 years ago, and feel like it’s the number one thing that gives our space it’s unique feel and look. That being said, at the time, I didn’t know that it was actually “a thing”. I just figured that we were a couple who liked lots of different types of design aesthetics and wanted to have a tiny piece of all of them represented in our space. Little did I know, we were on to something.


While having only one specific style (french country, modern, traditional, eclectic, etc…) may seem like the best way to approach decorating a new space, sometimes in the end, it can actually tend to lean a bit on the extreme side of things; which also makes it harder to change things up later, if you choose to go a different direction. Now some people may want this, but form my experience, most of us seem to really be looking for a good mix of all different kinds of designs that we can try out.

The majority of homeowners I know often have more of a traditional style, so when they go shopping at trendy new stores, or see great new ways to decorate, they often immediately feel that those “cool new things” won’t really fit in with their existing decor. Well, guess what? You might be surprised, it’s much easier than you think to work some new, fun pieces into your space.

Listed below are three different trends this year that are hitting magazines and store shelves in a big way. Alone, they may look a bit intimidating, but I’m going to show you first-hand, how I’ve used small doses of them in my own space, so you can start to get some ideas on how to implement them into your own home.


Lacquered furniture and decor has hit the design world with a bang, especially this year. Unlike distressed furniture, lacquer coated pieces have a high sheen, polished look to them. Adding a small accent table, lamp or vase to a room that is lacquered or high-gloss, will immediately fancy up a space in no time.

We recently furnished our basement, and added a long, narrow desk behind our sectional that’s lacquered in white. The frames on top of the table, and the base of these coral-orange flowers are also a type of lacquer finish.


Yup, gold is back and it’s better than ever. I’ve been spreading little happy touches of this glamorous metallic around my house for the past few months and can’t get enough of it.

Because I know a lot of people are a bit timid about jumping on the gold bandwagon, a great way to start out is by simply adding some new gold hardware to an existing or new piece of furniture in your home.


Recently, we bought some used nightstands from a friend at a garage sale and freshened them up with a new coat of shiny white paint and fancy, sleek gold pulls and knobs. As you can see, we also added a little gold vase on the tabletop, so that your eye would be drawn to those small touches of metallic, immediately. A simple addition that makes a big impact.


At an initial glace, the below items could quite easily have most people turning up their noses. Some may even call them ugly or weird. I call them, conversation starters.

An attention-grabbing, unique piece of artwork or simple sculpture is key to adding coolness to your space, plus it adds tons of visual interest and texture. Just a small article here or there can take your home from ordinary, to interesting really quick.


In my office downstairs I have a little reading nook that houses a small, curvy table, and on that table sits this curious little, white sea urchin. It really serves no purpose, other than looking super rad. Since 90% of my office has a feminine vibe, this is a funky contrast; which in turn makes it interesting.

So there you have it. Three awesome trends that are making their mark in 2013. Like I mentioned before, they may seem intimidating on their own, but in small doses, worked into your existing decor, any of them could look great in your space no matter what style you’re starting off with, so don’t be afraid to give them a try.

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