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Closet Organization Tips & Tricks


There are plenty of things you can do to maximize every inch of your closet. Whether it’s taking advantage of vertical space or the back wall of your closet door, there are solutions out there for everyone and every closet.
Maximize the vertical space in your closet with double rods. Use the top rod for shirts and the bottom rod for pants. The small middle rod shown in the photo below could be used to hang dresses and skirts. A shelf on the top can be used to store handbags, seasonal shoes and clothes, and other accessories.


Categorize your closet. Sort different groups of clothing in bins or baskets. You can also do this for handbags, scarves, seasonal clothing, etc.


Wire shelf dividers are perfect for stacks of clothing– sweaters, jeans, t-shirts. The dividers keep the clothing from falling over and becoming a tangled mess. These wire dividers are also perfect for your linen closet.

Utilize items that traditionally belong in a closet. Grab some inexpensive hardware and attach to your closet wall for necktie and scarf storage. These would also be great for jewelry and belts.

Use a coat rack with hooks to hang your accessories like belts and scarves. Take advantage of the space behind your clothing, mounting the coat rack behind your clothes. It’s somewhat out of sight but easy accessible.

Live in an apartment and you’re not allowed to put holes in the wall? Temporary, stick-on hooks are great for hanging accessories without damaging your walls.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to storage solutions for your closet. Plan out your closet before you rush to buy something. Look at your closet as a whole, make a plan, and execute it. Another great idea is to create a Pinterest board for all of your ideas.

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