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8 Great Homework Stations

Now that school is back in session I’ve gathered eight great homework stations to keep you and your kiddo(s) organized and sane during homework time. Designating a set place for kids to complete homework is a must. It gives them consistency, and it can be a special place just for them– kind of like their own home office.


This homework station takes advantage of wall space next to a desk. Keep this in mind, especially is space it at a premium in your home.


You’ve probably heard of cloffices by now. Closet + office = cloffice. Cool idea, no? Give your little guy or gal their own personal cloffice in their bedroom. This can be done on a budget by using inexpensive shelves and a sheet of wood cut to size for the desk.


This homework station makes great use of wall space with the chalkboard and cork board. A small table with skirt holds additional school/homework and craft supplies. A rotating utensil holder is perfect for pencils, pens, markers, crayons, scissors, index cards, etc.


Have extra space in a hallway or landing? Make use of the space by installing a homework station on a wall. If you’re handy you could even make a fold-out desk that could be flipped up when not in use.


Set up a homework station in your child’s room. This personalized space has character and it’s great for getting homework done. Again, taking advantage of wall space (instead of cluttering the desk/table) by hanging utensils on a bar.


Tight on space? Create smaller homework stations, like this one that fits on a decorative tray. When it’s homework time simply move the tray onto a table or desk for your kiddos.


Check out this fun, portable homework station. Plastic bins are used to organize homework supplies. Maybe you kiddo wants to work al fresco after school. This handy mobile homework station allows them to take it outside in order to get their work done.


Use an eating utensil caddy to organize markers, crayons, glue, etc. This can easily be tucked into a cabinet or closet and brought out when it’s time for your little one to practice his or her letters.


I hope these great ideas have given you some inspiration for your kiddos’ homework stations. Most kids aren’t the biggest fans of homework so by providing them a fun place to get their homework done is a must. Allow your kids to help you plan their homework station in order to give them some ownership.

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