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Cassity’s Home is a Place to Create

In support of the Inspiring Home Moments campaign reached out to bloggers and asked them to share their home moments. These are Cassity’s home moments from Remodelaholic.

My home, simply put it is my place to celebrate and create. As an adult, I sometimes feel like I am still just playing house, of course it is much more fun with a “real” house to create. No more are the days of Barbie villages built out of cardboard boxes for me (unless of course my daughters needs some help creating one, I will be happy to jump in!)

We’ve lived in 7 houses in the last 12 years. A few apartments and 4 different homes. No matter where I go I feel the need to make the house my own. A lot of times for me, being a remodelaholic and all, it involves creating new from old. Repairing broken things, updating old eyesores, helping things to flow and function better. This involves, lots of money spent at the local home store, silly arguments with my spouse, working well past midnight, all for some new crown moldings and paint.

But the act of loving an old neglected home back to beautiful, feeds my soul. Creating something lovely and useful where there was nothing, is the ultimate achievement for me. Take our last home, our family room where toys ran rampant throughout had no storage and no order. We took several months creating a storage wall and faux fireplace that was the glory of the whole space when we were done. The whole projects was grueling, night after night, we toiled over this space, after our babies were in bed.


Looking back occasionally I think, ugh, that took so long! But if I were to ask if it was worth it, the answer would wholeheartedly be yes, yes it was! And I never regret doing it, no matter how dirty I get!

It is amazing what a few simple changes can do. Take our current home we created a feature wall, from some small MDF boards… BAM!


Before… and after

In high school, I read a book called Shelter for the Spirit by Victoria Moran. In the book a single mom with one daughter who had been struggling to strengthen her family after her husband passed, focused on creating lovely moments from everyday events. For example, on the first real snow of the year they would get together and make ice cream snow. I read that book about 15 years ago, but I finally made ice cream snow for the first time last winter with my young daughters. The best part is that just a few days ago in the middle of August, my daughter told me she wanted it to snow so that she could make ice cream, throw snowballs and make a snowman.

Score one for mom! She remembered the whole day we had made together. We had created a celebration out of nothing… well, I guess a glorious snow day isn’t nothing, but we could have let it pass us by.


That to me is the essence of my home creating and celebrating moments with my family. As much as I love to change and try to make my home beautiful, the thing that I have come to recognize is that I can live with an unfinished kitchen for a year, and my home may never look like a magazine, but I create in here daily! I create the memories, the meals, and yes, even the throw pillows that set the stage for our family’s day to day life, and that is why it means so much to me.

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