Diane’s Home is a Place to Play

by Maria SalovaSeptember 24, 2013

In support of the Inspiring Home Moments campaign Homes.com reached out to bloggers and asked them to share their home moments. These are Diane’s home moments from To Dog With Love.

Our dream home is a place where we can let the fur fly! That may sound a little strange – and not so dreamy – until you discover that my family includes furry members of the four-legged variety.

1Rocco is all flying fur as he practicing his agility jumping skills

The backyard is our special place where we can play together and unleash our inner puppy! It’s a place to run and play without any constraints or worries.  We both get a nice workout in the backyard too, whether we’re training for agility, playing chase or having fun with fetch and retrieve games.
Six years ago I started my search for the perfect home with the perfect backyard.  We were coming from a condo in  the city and longed for a great outdoor space where pups could safely play untethered and humans could unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

We found our oasis in a lovely intown neighborhood  in Atlanta where neighbors actually know each other’s names and folks stop to say hello as they stroll around the neighborhood with their dogs and kids. It really is a bit like Mayberry!

I adore our backyard space… it’s a place were we can unwind and play and it’s a safe place where my pup Rocco can entertain his pals too!
It’s also a place where we can let our hair down, and where a bad hair day doesn’t matter!
And there’s plenty of space for us to relax, take a breather and just unwind!
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