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Vintage Decorating for Any Design Style

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I have a long standing love affair with anything vintage. I am drawn in by one-of-a-kind finds. I love a sofa, a picture and bowl – that has a story. Decorating your home with vintage items allows your home to tell your story – to be a unique refection of you. And incorporating vintage treasures can often be an inexpensive way to bring charm and character to your home.


But do not be mislead. Decorating with vintage items does not mean your home needs to look like it belongs in Williamsburg. Vintage can work in any room and for any design style. Here is a look at how vintage decor works in several design styles.


The clean white walls of a classic farmhouse are the perfect backdrop for a set of classic school chairs, a map of Kentucky, an old toolbox and sports pennants. By using vintage items in this room the warm tones bring character and the clean lines bring a modern element to an otherwise traditional space.



This office is oozing with incredible vintage character. From each of the interesting elements hung on the wall to the simple choice of the metal bucket for a trash can, this space is completely unique. The contrast of the modern elements of the electronics bring another layer to this room and allow the vintage details to really work.



By layering vintage painting and accessories in with new items, this mantel creates an interesting focal point for an otherwise traditional family room. Instead of filling the room with all new items, the addition of vintage items keeps the room from being too stuffy and flat. Now it is a welcoming and comfortable room.



In my book, you can not talk about vintage design without bringing Emily Hendersen to the table. She has mastered the art of taking what was once considered “ugly old” furniture and made it beautiful and welcoming. The lines of the furniture she chooses and the layering of artwork, accessories and plants create a room where vintage items end up screaming “modern”. Her use of gold and brass elements has singly handily influenced my new love for gold in interiors.



Nothing makes a vintage chair sing more than pairing it with a modern and bright fabric. Kept in its natural and beautiful wood state, this newly upholstered chair brings an element of vintage elegance to a spot-on styled desk area. With so many modern elements already in the space, the addition of a vintage chair brings a new level of sophistication and beauty.



A room decorated in French country style is almost going to be beautiful. To get this style, furniture and accessories can easily be found at many retailers. In this room, however, by choosing to use the vintage sign, chalkboard and chandeliers, this dining room becomes exquisite. The simple chairs are the perfect backdrop to allow the other items to really stand out. Elegant accessories and flowers are a harmonious pairing to make this table somewhere you not only want to sit but stay for a long lingering meal.



This room is the perfectly styled cottage bathroom. Classic choices like bead board and simple decisions like choosing to not add window treatments make for an inviting and relaxing space. The vintage white and zinc topped pastry table are an unexpected choice for a makeup vanity and yet work perfectly.



I love this gallery wall. The quirky choices, mixture of sculptural pieces, framed photographs and typography art are the perfect backdrop for a welcoming room. Eclectic style can be broadly defined and incorporated into many spaces and can almost always incorporate vintage details. An eclectic gallery wall can be a perfect way to ease yourself into vintage decorating.



Vintage decorating doesn’t always mean that every piece is vintage or that it is a room full of accessories. In classic style, it can be as simple as two small vintage paintings on a wall. This room is completely decorated in white and natural woods. By creating a neutral background your eye is drawn right to the natural beauty and color of the paintings.

Each of these nine spaces show that vintage decorating can take on many directions and styles. The key element is to find pieces that have meaning or that you can relate to in some manner. You want your home to tell your story and vintage items can help do that. And, in my opinion, using them in your room is only half the fun. There is nothing like the feeling, at the end of a long hunt, when you find the perfect piece that tells your story.

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