Living Large in Small Spaces

by Maria SalovaOctober 9, 2013

Living in a small space can occasionally limit your creativity when decorating your home. Luckily there are tips for maximizing your space without limiting your creative potential. If 220 sq. ft. apartments in San Francisco can do it, you can too!

Focusing on essentials in separate rooms first, such as where to place a bed and what sort of bed, as well as dining tables or breakfast tables, can help you organize enough to create space. Consider replacing some of your furniture for modular furniture to allow easy transformation when more space is needed. Once each room is organized with what is needed then you can start adding in elements to your over all space: such as shelving units and bookcases as well as wall hooks. Additionally, these tips by will help you live large in small home spaces.

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Don’t let smaller spaces keep you from decorating and making it a home by using the tips provided.

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