Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

The holiday season is upon us and my favorite thing about this time of year is giving gifts to friends and family. I have never been very good at wrapping them beautifully however. In fact, I have little patience and usually end up having my husband wrap them since he is so good at things that need attention to detail. And *gulp* I may or may not have given nieces and nephews their birthday presents in a plastic bag with a bow stuck on top a time or two.


But this year I vow to be better. Because I LOVE getting pretty packages and I should return the favor by putting a little more thought into it for others. So here are some fun gift wrapping ideas I have collected from around the web. They are simple ways to add a special touch to your gifts this year.

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This is my favorite. I love decorating my home with things from nature and so it makes perfect sense to add some to a gift. Whether it is fresh or artificial, it adds a special touch to the present. And if you use fresh, chances are you can get them for free by going on a walk in your backyard or a park.

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I think this idea is actually pretty genius. The recipient actually gets two gifts. They get the gift in the package and an ornament for their tree! A usable embellishment! It is festive and it serves a purpose other than just being pretty.

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I make ornaments out of polymer clay so I can’t believe I didn’t think to make clay tags for gifts! You can personalize it with a message or a name. I have seen them where the person pressed lace or a doily on the clay to create a pattern. If you have cookies cutters, or stamps, and an imagination you can have unique gift tags!

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Paper can be transformed into almost anything. And it is something we almost always have on hand. The possibilities are endless. You can make flowers, a garland, feathers, bows, and snowflakes. I like that this is something you could get the kids to help with as well.

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A ribbon doesn’t just have to be tied in a bow. Make it look like a belt and buckle. Maybe a Santa belt buckle? Weave it into a fun pattern. Or learn a new way to tie a bow that is different than what you normally do. Have fun with it and think outside the box!

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As a DIYer I love this idea of making your own gift wrap. Stamp, paint, glue on small pieces of paper, or draw with markers to create a one of a kind print to wrap your one of a kind present in. This is another one that kids could do. Teach them to make a custom stamp using an apple or potato. Let their imaginations run wild!

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Forget the paper all together with an eco-friendly alternative. Use fabric to wrap your gifts! I have seen all kinds of fabric used from felt to old sweaters, to regular cotton fabric. And if the person you are giving to is a quilter or loves to sew then maybe it could even been seen as a second gift.

I think the thing I like about all these ideas is that no matter what your taste is, you can tweak these ideas to fit what you like. They can me very modern, traditional, or somewhere in between. Enjoy the upcoming holidays and have fun with your gift wrapping!

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