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DIY Woodsy Holiday Centerpiece

The holiday season is the perfect time to create in your home. Try this DIY holiday centerpiece project by Wendy from Shabby Nest to add a little holiday spirit to your home!


The perfect centerpiece can really make or break your holiday table. And this pretty DIY version will certainly make your holiday table amazing. Not only that, but it’s extremely easy to create.

What you’ll need:

  • A rustic wood container of some sort. The one used for this centerpiece is an old wooden dough bowl.
  • Real or fake evergreen branches. The branches used for this centerpiece are fake with a few tiny pinecones nestled inside. The trick to making sure they look real is finding branches with various colors of green – even a little bit of yellow – because that’s how Mother Nature makes them.
  • Gold glitter pinecones. You can usually find these in stores during the holidays, but you can also make your own by gathering some plain pinecones and spraying them with gold glitter spray.
  • Glass candle holders. The ones used in this project are actually small bud vases which happen to be the perfect size for holding the candles.
  • White or gold taper candles

To create centerpiece:


Start by layering in the greenery. Make sure that it looks full and lush. Some of the pieces should dangle over the sides to give the piece depth.

Layer in the pine cones.

End by carefully placing the candle holders within the greenery. You might need to move the greenery a bit to make sure the candle holders have a stable resting place.

Add the candles. If you actually plan on burning the candles, make sure there is sufficient distance between their wicks and the greenery so that there will be no risk of fire. With just these few easy steps you can create a lovely centerpiece that can last the entire holiday season.

Hope you’ve been inspired to create a festive DIY piece for your home this holiday season and make a few memories in the process. Share your DIY projects and home moments with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and be sure to use #HomeMoments!

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