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5 Tips for Small Space Entertaining this Holiday Season

If you live in an apartment or other small space setting, you might be hesitant to throw a party this holiday season. Don’t be! Sharing a meal with friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family can be done effectively even when you are short on square footage. I’m here to share some tips and tricks for small space entertaining that will allow you to go big on holiday cheer this year.


Tip 1: Declutter your space.

To create more space in your home, be sure to declutter and simplify the space where you plan to entertain. Remove pieces of furniture that won’t be used and stash unnecessary accessories in your bedroom or office. Moving magazine racks, end tables, and even extra counter kitchen appliances out of the way for the party will free up space for your entertaining needs. If you have items that simply must stay in the room, but are potential eye sores, try working with the items instead of against them. For example, many urban dwellers are without outdoor storage and therefore keep their bikes in the entryway. If you don’t have a balcony to stash your bike, try dressing it up for the occasion. Keep a sense of humor and be realistic about what items you are able to shift around and get creative with the items that need to stay put.


Tip 2: Move furniture around.

Your furniture will more than likely need to be rearranged to accommodate your entertaining needs. Don’t be afraid to make your living room into a dining room.

  • Pull your table up to your couch.
  • Move other furniture up against the walls to create more flow-through room for your guests.
  • Swap out armed chairs for folding chairs in order to fit more people around a table.
  • Place a sofa in the kitchen for guests who want to keep you company or just hang out.
  • Use your ottomans, garden stools, or even your patio bistro set for additional seating options.


Tip 3: Get creative with food & beverage stations.

Serving food and drinks to a crowd in your small space setting may take a little ingenuity and creativity. Look at the existing furnishings in your home and rethink how you might be able to repurpose surface space. Meals can be served from coffee tables pushed together and covered in plywood. Toss pillows can be placed on the floor for a chic and informal seating option. Serve appetizers straight from a coffee table and allow guests to sit in chairs surrounding the food. You can also utilize bookshelves, a hutch, a cleared off entertainment center, or the top of a fireplace mantel to serve food or beverages. Having guests help themselves straight from the stovetop and kitchen countertop are also good options. Create labels for guests to easily find what they need and visualize in your mind how you would like to see your guests easily flow through the space. Make sure that guests can access their food and drink without difficulty and get creative with repurposing your surface area. A small laundry closet in your kitchen could be utilized as a drink station with a piece of plywood over the washer and dryer and a pretty tablecloth.

source: Bon Appetite

Tip 4: Use vertical space.

Investing in a few tiered trays will help you organize your food and make it more accessible to your guests. Use a tiered tray at your beverage station to create a hot cocoa bar. Or use a few tiered trays on the food table to hold sweet and savory snacks. If you are on a tight budget, tiered trays can easily be created using serving plates and candlesticks or glass hurricane holders glued in place. Cake stands and tiered platters look great and they will maximize your buffet space.

source 1 and source 2

Tip 5: Keep decor simple.

Don’t clutter precious countertop space with holiday decorations. Instead, use hanging decor such as twinkle lights, snowflakes, pennant banners, ornaments, or lanterns to create the festive mood. You can utilize your food and beverage as the main decoration by using coordinated dishware, party platters, and printable labels. If you don’t have room in your place for a Christmas tree, consider creating a festive focal point utilizing decorated sticks. Your decor can still make a big impact even if it is on a smaller scale!


I hope these tips inspire you to throw a party and create memories in your home this year no matter your square footage! We’d love to hear about your own home moments! Share your DIY projects and home moments with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and be sure to use #HomeMoments!

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  1. I think the tiered trays is a great idea. You can have multiple layers of foods in one area without clutter or bulky dishes and/or bowls. I love this idea and intend to use this!

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