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The Benefits of Houseplants and How to Add Them to Your Decor


I LOVE houseplants, and I think everyone should have some in their space. Not only do they add (actual) life to a room but also color, texture, and depth. The fact that they are pretty should be enough in my opinion, but they also clean the air you breath. Plants also release water into the air and can increase the humidity, which can help with respiratory problems. Many believe plants improve your focus and your mood – I am one of them. I live in a place where we have long, hard winters and it gets to me. I find if I have lots of indoor plants and even fresh flowers from the grocery store, then my ability to handle stress of the long winters improves.

Okay, so we have established that plants are good for us. Now, how do we incorporate them into our decor? Here are some examples to help you get started!


Whether it is a big fiddle leaf tree that towers in all its glossy leaf glory or a smaller topiary tree on a table top, there is something fun about having an actual tree….indoors! Stick them in a corner, next to your desk, or anywhere that needs a bit of life.

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Think outside the pot. Practically anything can be a plant container as long as you have adequate drainage in the form of a drainage hole or rocks at the bottom. The excess water needs a place to escape. So use an old boot, a teapot, or a basket. I have even seen old guitars ans hollowed out books used for plants!

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I have a small home and I have taken advantage of this concept a few times. Is your counter space precious square footage? You don’t have an empty corner to spare? Or are you worried about kids and pets getting into them? Add plants to your walls! It has become quite popular and companies are producing products that allow you to do just that. Or you can DIY something like I did. At the very least it is a conversation starter.

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I made my first terrarium in 5th grade out of a 2-liter plastic bottle. I thought it was magical. And they have held that same appeal to me ever since. There are many ways of doing it and many styles to fit your decor.

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You can add a lot of plants or just a few. There have been periods in my life when I went full jungle and had them everywhere. Sometimes I have a little less. But I always have them. They make me happy. And yes, I have killed my fair share of them. I now know which kinds I have the best luck with and stick to those. And if there is a type I know I can’t keep alive in the dry air we have here in Utah, then I buy an artificial one. I am okay with having a few artificial plants as long as the majority are real. That way I have a variety of types.

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As with gardening outside, you need to do your homework. Find out what plants are easy to care for and when you buy a plant, read the tag to see how much light it needs and how often it should be watered. You can’t keep a “medium to low light” plant alive sticking it in full sun and you will surely kill a succulent who needs less water by over watering it. Educate yourself and your success rate will increase.

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