Selling a Home

Staging a Home to Sell


Ready, Set, Sell! So you’re ready to put your home on the market. Selling your house can be a tedious task that may require your time, effort, and some financial resources. But there are a few simple things you can do to spruce up your home so that you can sell it quickly, and for top value.

There’s no second chance at a first impression. These days, 90 percent of buyers are using the Internet as a pivotal component of their home search. What does that mean for sellers? That means a phenomenal online presence is just as important (if not more important) than curb appeal. Before you list, get things in tip-top shape, making sure your home is camera-ready and visitor-ready.

Declutter: it’s the first and absolute best thing that a seller can do when preparing to sell a home. Prospective buyers must be able to picture their life in your home. As a seller, your responsibility is to provide them with the visual space to do that.


Prioritize the items that you want to keep and the items that you want to give away by considering the square footage that your furniture takes up, leaning out your closets, and removing anything that disrupts traffic flow.

While you’re de-cluttering, it’s also beneficial to de-personalize your home. Put away photo refrigerator magnets, sports trophies, and last year’s holiday cards. As best as you can, make your house appealing to a wide range of home buyers. Whether right or wrong, many people correlate cleanliness with the quality of the care that’s been given to the property. So, keep it neat!


The front of the house is where a buyer will make his or her first impression. It’s the seller’s opportunity to help shape how the buyer will perceive the rest of the home. Some things are out of your control, but others are easily improved. A nicely landscaped front yard, pruned shrubs, fresh mulch, newly painted mailbox post, clean windows, and clear walkways lay the red carpet for guests to arrive at what could be their new home.


Maximize the pros and minimize the cons. Think back to when you purchased your home. What did you like the best? What did you like the least? What do you think the general public would see as a valuable asset? What would be a potential stumbling block? Try to find ways to emphasize the best features of the home while minimizing some of its weaknesses.

Finally, prior to any scheduled showings, make sure you open all the blinds and turn on all of the lights. Scientific studies suggest light levels affect our emotions. On sunny days, people are more optimistic and report higher levels of well-being. On a literal note, people want to see what they’re buying; adequate lighting allows them to better evaluate your home, and it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.


These are just a few tips to prepare your home for potential buyers. If you could put a few extra dollars toward mulch to sell your home for hundreds more, would you spend the money? If you could spend a weekend cleaning and painting to sell your home several weeks quicker, would you do it? If taking the time to create a terrific online presence brings more motivated and better qualified buyers, would you prioritize it? Staging your home to sell may take a little effort, but the result of your hard work is worth it. For more home staging tips, visit the Idea Gallery.

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