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3 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Increase your outdoor living space with just one item that can be used three different ways.

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The best time of the year for me is fast approaching. I love summer and spending evenings outside with family and friends, as I am sure many of you do as well. Maximizing your outdoor living space will be an important part of entertaining during the summer months and can be easily accomplished by adding a simple household stool.


Stools are those pieces of furniture that many people already have in their homes. I love pieces like this that have multiple uses. This wooden stool can be used in so many ways to increase your outdoor living space. Extra seating is always needed for any gathering outside, so grab those stools from inside your home and bring them outdoors. You can move them wherever needed for a guest.


Besides seating, stools also make great plant stands. Gather a beautiful arrangement that you’ve put together in a vase or a pre-potted plant that you picked up at the market and place it on top of the stool. Then place the stool in an ideal location to enhance any other décor.


Need an extra table for serving? I took my butcher block cutting board, a household placemat and napkin and layered them to create a small side table. The cutting board is the best for this because it is sturdy. Center the cutting block on top of the stool, then layer it with the placemat and napkin. This is a great way to add fabric and color to your party décor as well as increase your outdoor living space. This makes the perfect side table for serving food or extra drinks.
Whether you entertain on a balcony, a patio or on a grassy patch near the front door, a household stool will make a great addition to your outdoor living. Now that you are ready to get outdoors, have some fun and enjoy the summer, be sure to check out the Idea Gallery for more tips on maximizing space as well as decor solutions!

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