DIY Experts: DIY Upcycled Lamp Tutorial

by Jon & KatieMay 19, 2014’s DIY experts, Katie and Jon from, show you how to upcycle an old lamp to look brand new! Upcycling is an inexpensive way to add a creative and unique touch to any space in your home and truly tailor the item to your family’s personality and style. Katie and Jon transformed an older lamp into a fun ocean-themed lamp for their nursery. Watch their video tutorial to see the step-by-step process of upcycling a lamp.

The DIY experts found fabric for the lamp shade that goes well with their ocean theme. The fabric is used to cover the older lamp shade, transforming it entirely. Simply using a glue gun secures the edges of the fabric to the lamp shade quickly and easily.
Vinyl is great for giving an extra touch to the lamp itself. Katie and Jon continue with their ocean theme by creating waves on vinyl and applying it to the lamp, which completes the look and ties everything together. Another option, instead of vinyl, is to paint a pattern or design onto the lamp or you can spray paint a stencil design. If your lamp shade has a busy pattern, your actual lamp can be a solid color so that patterns don’t clash and don’t look too busy. The quick upcycle is complete!

DSC_0137 DSC_0141
Stay tuned for upcoming upcycle videos by the’s DIY experts or browse for more DIY how-to tutorials. If you have DIY projects in mind that you would like the DIY experts to create a tutorial for, comment with your ideas and/or show us your DIY upcycled lamp project below!

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