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Spooky Skeleton Halloween Party


Halloween might traditionally be all about orange, but try giving your Halloween party a new twist this year with electric green and black! I styled up this spooky skeleton Halloween party to show you just how easy it is to celebrate Halloween in style with a cute and festive party table. From food ideas to an easy tablecloth trick, read my top tips below!

Top Tips for a Spooky Skeleton Halloween Party

Stick to your color palette!

Here I have electric green and black, but you could also use purple and black, orange and yellow, or the traditional orange and black. The key is not to mix too many colors, or it might look distracting.


Set up place settings!

This is especially great for children’s parties because it gives each child a place to eat their treats as opposed to wandering the house or spilling it on the couch. Plus, it means you can snag Halloween plates like these green and white skeleton plates! I almost always double layer my plates. Choose a solid white, black, or fun pattern like a black and white check. Green napkins displayed underneath were jazzed up with a strip of black and white striped ribbon.


For an easy tablecloth trick, visit your fabric store.

You’ll find dozens of options of fabric that are commonly used for costumes but actually make fabulous tablecloths! You can buy no-sew hem tape to finish the edges if needed. I chose a black spider web design to keep with my theme.

Festive Halloween food is a must.

Green kool-aid served up with “eyeballs” on skewer sticks give it that spooky touch. The candy eyeballs are made by Wilton, but you can also use an edible marker on a round marshmallow for a similar look. Skewer two on a lollipop stick, and ta-da! Next up are some sweet treats. Caramel apple gumballs served in black and white striped baking cups fit the theme and taste sweet! Lastly, granny smith apples dipped in caramel were the perfect finish. I used a wooden skewer down in the apples and slid on a black and white striped straw, which kept the apple stable but also cute.


A spooky centerpiece

A black spider web cake stand to hold my treats also served as my centerpiece, and I used a black Halloween tree behind the table for some extra spook!


Get creative and celebrate Halloween in style with these top tips and inspiration!

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