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Create Your Own Gift Wrapping Station

I’ve always drooled over the craft rooms, mudrooms and offices I’ve seen in photos or on TV that feature a beautifully organized and sprawling gift wrapping station. I’ve even seen entire rooms dedicated to gift wrapping! Those kinds of set-ups may be a far off dream, but you can still create a perfectly functionally gift wrapping station in a space as tiny as a corner in your closet!

Here’s a look at my gift wrapping station, tucked away in a little corner of a closet in our lower level. Although it’s small, it keeps everything I need to wrap presents organized and easy to find.

I started with a vertical plastic bin with four large drawers, and labeled the drawers for tape & gift tags, ribbon, tissue paper and gift bags.

The top drawer keeps tape, gift tags and scissors organized all in one spot. Prior to creating this gift wrapping station it seemed like we were always running out of (or losing) tape, but now we have enough space to store multiple rolls so there’s always some on hand, and we always know where it is.

In addition to store-bought gift tags and stickers, I also like to make my own by repurposing decorative paper that would otherwise be thrown away, such as paint sample swatches, decorative packaging from toys, and even empty tissue boxes. Just cut them into the shapes you’d like, punch a hole through the top and string with ribbon. You can also stamp little messages on them for an added touch.

The next drawer corrals ribbons and gift bows. In addition to fun, metallic curling ribbons, I also keep little scraps of satin, grosgrain, and other fabric ribbons in this drawer that are leftover from craft projects and not long enough for bigger jobs. I love the finished look a fabric ribbon can add to a wrapped present or gift bag!

Next is my drawer of tissue paper in all sorts of colors and patterns. Keeping tissue paper folded up and stored flat prevents it from getting crinkled or damaged, so drawer storage is a great solution.

The bottom drawer houses an assortment of gift bags which are great to grab when you’re short on time. Just like with tissue paper, storing gift bags flat prevents them from being damaged.

A small plastic waste bin to the right of the drawers makes the perfect storage solution for rolls of wrapping paper. I try to keep the number of rolls needed in my gift wrapping station to a minimum by purchasing gender neutral gift wrap that can be used for any age or occasion. Craft paper is another great multipurpose paper to have on hand. It can be used for any kind of gift and easily decorated with stamps, stickers, or ribbon.

Tip: Empty toilet paper rolls are great for keeping rolls of wrapping paper from unraveling! Simply slip them over the entire roll and they’ll hold the paper in place.

Lastly, I keep any cute gift boxes that I can re-purpose and any gift bags too large for the drawer stacked on top of the storage unit.

I hope you enjoyed this look at our little gift wrapping center, and are inspired to create one of your own!

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